While I was away,

Nigeria was called a shit hole country by the leader of the free-world, Herdsmen ran rampage on  innocent Nigerians which led to a mass burial and great mourning. I listened to an interview the other day on a radio station and the human right activist stated emphatically that she was going to tell the youths in Benue "to pick up arms and defend themselves" things got really bad.

Today, however is supposed to be the Armed Forces Remembrance Day. I really do admire the Nigerian gallant Arm Forces. Their heroism will not be forgotten but I have a problem with the day that Nigeria has decided to remember their fallen heroes. It's the day of surrender for the Biafran Army in the evening of 1970.

You see if my brother won a fight we had on the 15th of January 1970, by my surrender. And then he says "Let us be brothers again and put this behind us. I have missed you and I need us not to fight again because our family needs to be stronger again. We are better together" even though I lost and surrendered I was delighted with the fact that my brother was interested in the strength of our family than his individual accomplishments - over me. Which was the reason we even fought in the first place.

So I joined him again in building a new family, when other boys from the other side of town tried to taunt me, my brother stood up against them and sometimes even fought them "leave my brother alone!" he always yelled. Then one day, the village decided to celebrate my brothers strength, his valor and his courage in battle. They asked him to pick one day out of all the other victorious days of the year, where he fought and won. And so my brother decided to pick the day he won over me.

How should I feel? Especially when I know there were other days he was victorious over other people.

When Chris Abani, A Nigerian Author stated that "I was born in 1966, at the beginning of the Biafran-Nigerian Civil War and the war ended after three years. And I was growing up in school and the government didn't want us taught about the history of the war, because they thought it probably would make us generate a new generation of rebels" people have to wonder why Nigeria decides to mark today not as a day that two brothers lost the war than as a day that one brother won the battle.

Maybe we should ask the dead.