TO INEC (Independent National Electoral Commission)


This may be the first of many letters to your office as we all know that the big elections in 2019 is fast approaching. Some say your performance in Anambra State elections were as usual below per even though you were quick to blow your own trumpets, notwithstanding I'm not really concerned about those aspects (even though they are things that cause for concern), I would like to focus on the voter turn outs on election days.

So in 2014 I was one of the ones who almost volunteered to assist you but I held back when I saw how late the PVC (Permanent Voters Cards) were released to those communities. After considering that the election was just a few months away and the PVC were just arriving, I came to a conclusion that you guys weren't serious and I'd like to think that I'm serious.

Fast forward to 2017 and I'm writing to tell you that if you don't start preparing on time Nigeria will face the same predicament they did with the Voters Card Collection and the other tools involved in the election.

INEC the problem we face in Nigeria is because one way or the other good, intelligent and patriotic people are not voting. Before, you say the same thing about them that people have been saying since 1991-1992 please ask yourself this question have you done your job?

Up till today the only place citizens of Nigeria can register and pick up their PVC is in their Local Government Areas. I can understand why you needed to do it that way because all Politics is Local but I think it's time to understand that many of these folks you want to vote leave in the Abuja's, the Lagos and the likes, more importantly these guys don't want to return to their LGA for any reason.

It's time to bring the PVC out to the urban areas city centers, if possible take them to diaspora - located at every embassy. Then when you make that move, let people know that you have made that move.

Finally, start from today to create skits on social media to sensitize the public to vote right and not sell their vote, I heard a story the other day of a lady that came from a fulani village where Politicians in time past have told them that if they voted for them they will make their tap flow with Coke and Furah the two things that village love the most. Don't underestimate the power of public sensitization.

Start Now.