I'm not a fan of silence but I'm a fan of solace
I did not believe depression was a disease
So my friend told me how he got out of one
People are going through stuff, I meant everyone
So be careful what you say
More so be careful how you 'say'
Jesus walked on water
Moses parted a sea which wasn't red
What miracle you can offer the world may be a word in season
For this world doesn't lack good orators but it does lack a good reason
So I'd give you one - be nice
Presented with an opportunity to care, please start by talking nice
You have good in you, give the world a slice
So let's begin this way
Permit these vocabularies to stay
Sorry, Please, thank you, Welcome
I missed you rather than where are you from?
How are you? rather than Have you eaten?
Even though in Nigeria the later is a criterion
Excuse me or pardon me
Could suffice as you're not in the military
Even the military is polite
You have no excuse, my friend this should be your fight
The world needs you to talk right
Because what you say
Can make or break someone in a way
Please talk right, it cost less than a penny
Yes, talk right even to an Enemy