Develop Content : The Spotlight

We live in a time where information is everywhere but knowledge is still lacking. Everyone seems smart but a few act that way. Then you recognize that this a time where people are satisfied being theoretical victors and not practical ones. "Perception is everything" is the theme, so we use every medium to sell the perception that we have content but then the spotlight comes on.

Content is lacking in our world, a pretty lady believes "I am pretty, so I don't have to dress right, talk right or act right" then she enters her 30's and no guy is serious. A rich boy believes "I have money so I don't have to go for any training, improve my vocabulary or listen to anyone"

Don't let anyone clap for you too soon, no matter your level of success now and how you attained it, you're still on your way somewhere better - there's more.

I have met people who with a little success become pompous and I have met people who have so much success but remain humble. To develop content you have to be teachable and that means you have to be humble. In it original text Humility means to humiliate yourself on purpose.

I end with this, whoever you see that the spotlight got turned on and the person doesn't have any content to show for it didn't start that way. As I will always say "whoever is a prideful successful business owner was prideful even when he wasn't successful, Just that the spotlight didn't amplify it"

Develop content today so that when the spotlight comes what you represent will still make sense.