A Free Advice to PDP: How You Can Win 2019

I'm going to go straight to the point and keep it simple and short.
2019 is yours to loose and you guys are already loosing. Calling a spade a spade you guys did a terrible job being in power for 16 years, a few hate speeches to a sick president will not win the heart of the people who are still recovering from the mental health issues you gave them from the frequent revelations of looted funds by members of your government those years.

You can't and won't win that way, you'll only make a fool of yourselves come 2019. So how do you win? How do you come back stronger? I'm going to list a few things from a long list, if you need more clarification you can contact my office (it won't be free).

1. Apologise: It's a hard thing to do to tell the elderly in Nigeria to apologise even to their mates talk more of to youths and children. Listen, defending yourselves won't cut it, members of your team stole what could have put children in school -those children need your apologies. Members of your team used the money supposed to clean the Niger Delta to build mansions in foreign countries - the Niger Delta Youths deserve your apology. The list goes on and on, but listen Nigerians are very forgiving people as long as they know you are really sorry. You need to stop trying to make it about a few people and apologise, this shows you as a true leader who knows the buck stops at his table.

2. Vice President: The greatest mistake you guys made in your last election was to use a Vice Presidential candidate that his works and achievement on a global stage could not make as much noise as the Presidential candidate, no doubt a good man but not one whose works could speak volumes for him in his absence. This time around be smarter if possible use a woman.

I will stop here....