Where your at presently is as a result of the number of helps you have received. There's really no self made man, there are only men that think they were self made because every success story is story of helpers who are either recognised or not. Every success story, good or bad had those who Helped behind the scene. In other words you and I are a help away from success.

Despite being helped, there are a lot of us who after becoming successful have developed the habit of helping no one. The good book says the reason people should be encouraged to work is so that they could stop stealing. What is stealing? Well in simple terms taking what doesn't belong to you without permission. That acknowledgement in today's world is the help you give to the owner of the idea (you bloggers that take my work I see you)

Helping someone helps you more than you think, I will tell you a true story that happened in my family. One of my uncles became a Senator many years he served and built what you can consider as a castle in the village, so vast this castle was when we visited we needed to use a bus shuttle to the place he met with visitors. The road leading to this castle was bad but the road in this castle was spotless. One day another of my uncles finished university with a first class degree, he approached this Senator and told him his plan for the future. This Senator told him he wasn't going to help him except he worked in his private company. This uncle refused working for the Senator and was cast away, he pushed on nonetheless and went on to become one of the top directors in EFCC after a decade.

Down the line this Senator no longer in power is being investigated by the EFCC for obvious corruption, he tries to get to that my other uncle and well you can imagine how that played out. When you're up there and you help someone it's like building for yourself a ladder to walk freely through different levels. You may just be surprised that with the help of that ladder you could climb to your next level. Not less than 10 people helped Bill Gates write his book "Business at the Speed of Thought"

Wherever you are, there is someone you can help. What you give soon comes back to you better than you gave it. Lend a helping hand to someone today.