This article will be brief, I think.

One day I put a plastic bucket under a steady drop of water and by the next day I approached the bucket under this tap and it was overflowing. What seems little today soon become a great empire. Nothing is too little to make a difference on this side of Heaven, everything counts, everything was destined to count. This principle is the way a few nude pictures in a little somewhere that seemed like nowhere has grown to a 37% nude content on the Internet today, that's more than the percentage of land to water on this side of Heaven.

Many years ago I was in ecstasy about a lad I saw with a bicycle in a country I resided in at the time, this was because it was like forever ago I had rode a bicycle. So I asked this lad for a few minutes ride, he obliged and with joy I rode into the sun forgetting that I had in one of my hands a used sachet which soon made my ride uncomfortable. In need of both hands, I decided to dispose the sachet on a side of the road  and enjoy my ride - I did. On my way back a little old lady flagged me down and she said "Mr, we dispose dirt properly in our country, I saw when you dropped this, please kindly dispose of it properly". Many people joke about my strict views on waste disposal but all I now do is a result of that simile insignificant action by that old lady in a little town away from the countries capital.

What are you going to do today to make this world a better place? Obey the traffic light, stand up for that elder to have a sit on that bus, properly dispose waste, improve your people skills, stop cheating on your spouse, forgive your neighbous, fight for peace, stand up for the weak, give to someone that can't give you back in return, be fair, be a nation builder or just be patriotic?

Sometimes all the world needs is a smile from you.

It may seem like nothing now but like my plastic bucket, when the morning comes and the sun rises on you the world will recognise that what you do and represent is what made it a better place.

Do something today.