I can be your competition only not your comparison. How can I be your comparison? When there's no one like you. Even if I did the same things yout did as a routine, the fraction of the seconds will still make a difference, take for instance, I finished my morning run at 4:30am and you finished yours at 4:25am, you could say in comparison to me you were quicker then I would have to reply in comparison to you "I was more patient"

Your competition is meant to inform you 'where' you're not 'who' you're, when the later is the resolve then Pride or Envy is birthed, these are the sins of comparison. They're two sides of the same coin, only that one makes you feel above while the other makes you feel down in comparison to someone else.

The satisfaction is always short lived, soon whoever you're in comparison with, will move out of your way and you'll realise there was no depth to who you were, you existed for them, despite winning or loosing, you existed for them. Now they're gone you'll look for someone or something else, to make you feel worth it.

This is why the social media has taken a firm hold on most people, before the advent of the Internet the spreadsheet for comparison involved only a few people in our community but now one can be in comparison with people in other continents. And when you continue like that you're bent on raising children with low self esteem, or with estimates determined by everyone but them.

This new week, know your competition but don't let your competition tell you who you're. If someone or thing can tell you who you're then that person has more stake in your life than normal. It's time to take back your life and understand even though you're not there yet, you're better than yesterday in comparison to YOURSELF.  Take the information, correction but not the identity.
This way you can get better on you're own terms and live a balanced life.

Have a good week.