About Dbystander

After over 90 articles, we have decided to give you a little overview on dbystander. Dbystander is a movement against bystanders but it's a movement that recognises that we remain bystanders except our words are taking seriously, thus the statement "by the way I'm just a Bystander" in order words I can't force you to accept my words, where do you know me from?

Bystander seeks a positive change in the society, we believe that things always change either to the positive or to the negative depending on what you're doing, positive change is what we call Improvement and negative change, well it's called so many things. The world we live in today needs some new by-standard's, willing to set a precedence that doing nothing is not an option.

All our articles are geared towards making individuals better people regardless of the community they reside. And thus all 90 of them are still relevant until tomorrow. In case you don't see any article for a while, I urge you to go down and read some that have been posted before like the Diary of a youth Corper Series, The Three Cars that will be used in Heaven Series, The Force of Three: I, the Enemy and Christ (Religious), Corporate Slavery: the Pursuit of the Nigerian Dream and a host of others.

Finally, we need your contribution here, leave a comment, like a post and share our work to help us do more in the near future.
Thank you and welcome to dbystander.