A Walk with The Devil - Are the Youths Ready?

Today let's begin with a popular story, that of Yeshua. The Bible and the Quran agree on a few subjects and one of those is the existence of the man Jesus, not only his existence but his phenomenal birth, as recorded by the Quran in 3:59 "the likeness of Jesus in God's sight is that of Adam: He created Him from Dust and said to Him be and he was." The bible has a similar rendering referring to Jesus as the second Adam. On this matter, after the Quran Chronicles that Jesus was in fact not born with a companion  (3:47) as related to the accounts in Mathew 1:18-25, Mark, Luke and John. The both books record that Jesus had in Him the Holy Spirit (2:87), the same Spirit that God has, therefore when Jesus selected his twelve disciples He very well knew He had in his group a son of perdition, but he didn't care because this walk with the devil was necessary.

A walk with the devil is a mystery of leadership however when the walk with the devil turns to a walk with many devils then whoever is taking that walk with that pack is being mentored with or without his consent. It was important for Jesus to walk with Judas because if he didn't Peter wouldn't have sold him out and even if someone else did, Peter would have died in the place of Jesus and to die was one of the Primary reasons Jesus was born in the first place. So his mission to earth would have failed if he didn't have an enemy willing to sell Him out at a good Price.

Throwing the baton to the youths sounds like a reasonable pitch for any leader that wants to remain in office come 2019, but the question is, are these youths ready for that daunting task of running the affairs of a state? Anybody can say Yes to that question but if you consider that these youth haven't had a walk with one devil but many, one would have to question the correctness of that answer.

It seems we can count in one hand the selfless, committed, resolute, honest, nonviolent, calm, principled, forthright, balanced, courageous, strong, determined, assertive, diplomatic, inclusive, fair-minded and compassionate leaders we've had in this country, since independence. Slowly, most of the youth who have developed in this environment have lost all value of Process, quick fix is set for everything "I don't like to waste my time" they say, then there's another faction that decide to become part of an already existing success story, so you see them aspiring to join the American Military or United Kingdom Parliamentary for instance.

Are the Youths Ready? Will they ever be? The answer is Yes. To begin with, a Youth leader wrote this article.