It was obvious from the first day that the man ‘Muhammadu Buhari’ loves this country Nigeria. Harnessing resources to run for the office of the president against all odds over and over again proved his love for this country. As things were revealed about his disregard for the affluence that came with being one of the political elite in this country many people began to think “for the first time we have a servant leader in Buhari”. As he began his tenure with a renewed fight against corruption, mitigated by what we call “democracy” as against the autocracy the military rule presented him in the past – he continued to fight, a few walked free but some big fishes were caught. Nigeria has benefited from this man taking over; ghost workers were revealed, wrong accounts uncovered and fake politicians recalled, to name a few.
Nigeria however is in a bad spot, one thing that drives away a good investment is uncertainty and no greater uncertainty than a political one. All of a sudden it looks like our servant leaders’ love for the country wasn’t true and this takes Nigeria back to square one – Nigeria is in a bad spot. We have had leaders whose love for this country was only because of the love for the wealth in this country, others for the power but a new one just opened up and that’s a leader that loves himself more. We have not seen a leader who put Nigeria first and we thought we did when we met Buhari, but he’s lack of resignation puts a big question mark on our thinking. There have been sick presidents all over the world but the responsible thing to do as a leader is to step aside when you’re this sick – so sick people claim you’re on life support and you can’t defend yourself. Neither can the vice president say that he heard from you that you’re not.


Undoubtedly the best Vice-President to ever grace the grounds of Aso Rock, Nigerians keep asking themselves “what did we do to deserve Osinbanjo?” the only VP that moved from the south to the east to the North and of course to the West not for the sake of celebration but for sake of service. Meeting after meeting, we have not stopped thinking “what did Osinbanjo say to the Niger Delta Avengers that stopped or reduced their operation and the Sothern Kaduna people to stop their bloodsheds?” Before we got an answer we were already in amazement at the Professors unwavering loyalty and support of the President in the face of daunting challenges. A professor is not usually ordered around especially not a Professor of Law but Professor Osinbanjo’s humility to the people of Nigeria has been astonishing, he even host youth from time to time in his residence to discuss, can you imagine? Other vice presidents organise elders to show who the Boss is.
However, a dark shadow has been cast on this one of the kind leader, because of the Presidents’ refusal to resign. Osinbanjo campaign has been to old and young to put Nigeria first but how can he defend himself if asked “why then does your boss put Nigeria second?” also there’s his inability to lead properly because as an acting president you still have restrictions. Assuming Buhari manages to pull through at this pace with all this losses he’s definitely going to fail in 2019 and Osinbanjo who was an excellent role model for Nigeria will fail along with him and only God knows when we will see an Osinbanjo again.


In the year 2014 while everyone thought that the then President Goodluck Jonathan made some great strides towards continuity, I already predicted his loss. I have no time and space to discuss all that but it was written in the stars, from his non-existent vice president to crooked ministers and even to him, I was sure he was going to lose – he did. Nevertheless, he was going to be the first democratically elected president that was going to lose his sit, so I said “after this it won’t be news anymore for a sitting President to lose their sits in Nigeria”
APC rise to glory was built on the right principles and persons (with a question mark on a few) this was cheered on by Nigerians. However in its quest for continuity they have let all and sundry come in to their party. For some reasons APC is taking a blind posture to the failures of PDP in 2015. Buhari and Osinbanjo were still the last hope for this party and he’s refusal to resign will make APC to fail much more quickly than I anticipated.


“It’s better that you’re the one that parked a car than a trailer parks it for you” this is a proverb I say to mean if you have a problem with your car stop before you have an accident. Where are the children of Abacha today? Where are the children of even Yar’adua? Is it not Babaginda’s son that tried to contest for the governorship of Niger state that year and failed woefully?  There’s a way you leave a place that gives your wife and children a chance in the future. Today if Michelle Obama wants to compete for the Presidency of the United States the Democratic Party will fully support her, why? Because of the way Barack left.
If Buhari leaves by death or failure in 2019 his wife and children don’t stand a chance anymore to show Nigeria what they’ve got in the near future. So instead of creating a future for them as the good book commands he has destroyed it.
These are the reasons I want President Buhari to resign if possible today.