I was locked out of my blog for about five months for various peripheral reasons I will not mention today. During this period a lot has happened in the World, Nigeria and in my life; I published a book, however, I don’t want to waste so much more of your time rambling over the questions “What the hell is happening in London?” or “How in God’s name was Saraki cleared?” or "Where is our President?" or “How did APC allow Musliu Obanikoro join their Party?” or “Why are the roads leading in and out of the Port still not maintained?” at least not yet. Today, I want to talk to you about hate and I will probably repeat it again and again until you get it.
Hate is as strong as Love.
Hate exist on good reasons.
Everyone is tempted to Hate.
Hate is a seed.

Nobody wants to hang around hate; until some part of the middle-east decided to embrace Love as against Hate tourism wasn’t a source of income in that region. Someone once asked me why there are no national advert on international news channel promoting Nigeria except that of Nigerian companies? And I asked what does Nigeria have to advertise - Hate? Look at the first world, away from the media hoax the ones who stood out don’t have as much hate as you think, if not explain how Russia will be hosting the World Cup in 2018, yes, hate exist but hate is not celebrated, hate is not a national hero, because nobody actually gets far in hate. When for whatever reason you let hate into your sphere, you diminish.

The thing about Hate and Love is you cannot give any except you first possess it, in other words you cannot love someone more than you already love yourself and you cannot hate someone more than you already hate yourself except you’re a hypocrite and people are seldom hypocritical here because the gift of love and hate are most times involuntary at the beginning. So the question is how much do you hate yourself?

When a criminal is caught, Love focuses on the crime, Hate focuses on the Person and sometimes his family (that maybe innocent of his crimes) then the crime. It’s through love that a hardened criminal can be reprimanded and his family protected by the state in the first world. In London a few days back a man ran a truck through a group of Muslim folks as they came out of a mosque, the police hurried to the scene to prevent that man from been lynched, if that was Nigeria, the police would have probably been lynched too if they interfered or like the case of Evans, the Police will take selfies by the side of a bleeding criminal as a sign of victory.

If the number of Mosques and Churches in Nigeria could be half the amount of Love we allow in our communities and celebrate in the Nigerian media, Nigeria will stop diminishing. And if you’re not a Nigerian and you want to know the effect of letting hate into a community look at Nigeria Today. Nigeria, it’s time to let love rule, stop spreading hate. Nnamdi Kanu was arrested for spreading hate, today the leaders of the Arewa youth are still working free after spreading the same hate. Nigeria it’s time to fight for Love, spare nobody.