Hate 3: Where is Nigerian football?

Fostering love has to be deliberate, you see the way the world works, everything that exist diminishes from the first day it was created by default, for there to be an increase someone or thing must have been deliberate. Hate is no different, hate rest at the stage of default. Nothing binds any of us on this side of heaven, that’s isn’t binding to all of us, only a few centuries ago it was okay to marry ones sister. Just like the churches that preach “wearing trouser for a lady is a sin because trousers are for men” forgetting that trousers were first designed by women for women in China to increase their efficiency at work in the days everyone wore skirts – so if we were to be following the scriptures literally men are all sinners; including that Pastor – he’s supposed to be wearing a long, ground sweeping skirt and a sandal. Times have changed doesn’t mean some rules should change too.

However, whoever lives his life by default is a frustrated being going somewhere to happen, therefore we must tell ourselves the truth in this country we have built a system that supports hate – it fosters it. I tried out many years ago for Siasa’s Academy, a football academy that is owned by one of the living legends of Nigerian football, my dad was told point blank “if you don’t know anybody, your boy is not getting in” this wasn’t the case for everybody of course but I have not failed to wonder where those boys that got in got to? Even if they got far, where is Nigerian football today? Nigeria is ranked currently as 38th in the world, in most great soccer countries, sport was part of their curriculum at school. It’s not part of their curriculum because they want to get footballers, but it’s there so that the young ones can love the game as they compete with themselves, because if they do then they might choose a career in that line. In this country one just looks at two boys or girls and assumes one will be a success and the other wouldn’t. Today, where is the Nigerian football?

A football team was the epitome of love, from the Igbos to the Hausas, the Muslims to the Christians all coming together with one goal – to win a match. However, a seed of hate will soon produce a harvest. The current crop of players are good but not the best Nigerians have to offer. The question is where are the best? Some of them are Teachers, Bankers, Politicians, Pastors or Terrorist, why? They didn’t know somebody. In every society the “know somebody syndrome” exist but the difference is in those societies because of love… for example, love for the nation will make someone put Cristiano Ronaldo a son of a cook and a gardener, before his own son. See love makes you honest and quickly. If there’s just one spot left, love makes you pick the best even if it is not your blood or tribe, imagine Lionel Messi was signed into Barcelona FC on a serviette – Love! Today he's so rich but we don't hear the person that enlisted him is getting 1% like it's done in this country.
Fostering hate has to stop, it ridicules our future twice as fast as the devil.