We are at the middle of a recession or at the tail end of it, depends on who is telling the story – the Government or Reno Omikiri. However where are we when it comes to HATE, how much hate is permitted in Nigeria? How much hate can be permitted in a country of this size? Do we even know what we have practised in this country has been the crafty institutionalisation of HATE? It’s practised in our churches “Pastor is from Benue State so that Idoma guy is the right candidate for deaconship” they say.
The story was told to me of a certain military officer’s experience with a highly influential former governorship party candidate of Niger State
Candidate: Musa!
Musa: Sir
Candidate: You don’t look like a Muslim
Musa: Sir, I’m not
Candidate: So why is your name Musa?
Musa: Sir, that’s the only way I could get into the military and get promoted.
Candidate: Really?
Musa: Yes sir
Like Musa, many people were actually called Moses but met a civil service that didn’t care what you had to offer “please tell us who your father is – what’s your surname?” sadly this idea has diffused even into the private sector. More than once I filled an Oil and Gas Job form and I got to the part I was asked to answer “Do you have anyone in government?” and followed with “Name, Position and Relation to you?” for some reason I don’t believe those were demanded for sake of reference.

Did Ghana have to go? The answer to that question can be seen in the next question “As countries liked Ghana had a mass exodus in 1983 did Nigeria move out of depression that year?” You hear of places in the USA called “China Town” even though the USA itself doesn't have the best relationship with China as a country. The difference is instead of focusing all their energy chasing people away countries like the United States tried to make their states welcoming for foreigners because the truth is people seldom go to places which doesn’t have what they want and if you can give the foreigners what they WANT by default it must mean you have mastered the art of giving your citizens what they NEED – maybe that’s why the foreigners soon want to become citizens of those host countries.
The reason people use you is simply because you’re useful. Most people want to leave Nigeria today as you read this, in fact I remember as I stood by the calm waters facing Queens Town Opobo my friend OJ approached me from behind and said “if you die without going to America, God will send you back” of course we laughed but ever wondered there was a time someone said that about Nigeria and we sent almost two million of them away because the price of oil fell that year, now we don’t really have anyone to send away so we want to push ourselves away. We sowed that seed of hate and today most of the foreigners we get are driven around by the best of our security like Kings and Queens why the common Nigerians are left to fend for themselves.
A seed of hate does not put your man on the moon, no! Your president will not be envied so much that his Tweets become news. Nobody wants to hang around hate as a seed talk more of hate as a harvest. Even to succeed in a job you must have eliminated hate for that job. However, Hate always look like the intelligent, smart, economical and manly thing to do at the moment but many years down the line, well, look at Nigeria Today.