HAPPY NEW MONTH - Storms May Come....

If you're seeing this, let me state the obvious "this is a new Month" against your better judgement, you're still here. Apparently the earth still needs you - yes you!

When we look around these days it seems everything has been filled, there's no space anymore but listen the earth doesn't know how to waste. Nothing remains on it that's useless to her. So the question is why are you still here? Why the heck was the last trip you took not your last?

Your guess is as good as mine, God doesn't need you up there yet. He needs you here to fix something(s), so get on with it! That problem on your street you see, that one in your crib you notice and not to forget the one you see in your local church, mosque, monastery or clique.

You found that problem because you can solve it. That problem was created for you to solve.
Stop trying to take your life! All the time you're using to think of crafty ways to die, you could commit to ways to live, really live not just exist

Storms may come, that shows you that at least you have a boat, if not it won't have been called a storm but your end. Come on row that boat! Keep rowing that boat brother! Don't stop rowing that boat sister! You're almost there.
Trust me