The guest minister yelled “God did not bless you with so much to be local, you’ve got to think global – International!” Okay, before I continue I’d like to formally welcome you into 2017, remember as long as there is life and a will there is hope and a way. Back to the story: Many folks stood up cheering indistinctly “Yeah! Amen! Hallelujah” I was excited also. Until that voice came to me and said “to be an international champion, you have to first be a local one” then I realised many who get disgusted by the idea that someone rose to the height of a local champion have never been one before and these people are only international champions in their perception, which is a good thing, because, at least it helps us sleep well at night.

It’s a common knowledge that Apple started in a garage, Facebook started in a dormitory, Coca-Cola started as a medicine, and Dangote started with half a million Naira in 1977 (That was a lot! Then and now – so I guess this doesn’t quite fit in but just roll with it) the similarity in their stories is that all of these companies started by affecting a small spectrum in a big way. A common misconception about championship is, the world can have only one champion. That’s absolutely false, see, we could understand this world we have been given by studying what existed here longer than us, looking at the skies, you never see two stars struggling for a space. So Apple started with all the “I’s”, soon a Samsung came in the fray with so many “S’s”, now there are so much more. There is still space for you and me.

You know we have so many motivational teachers these days and most would tell you ignore the local and look international, but you see, the international markets are attracted to Local Champions not local participants looking for international recognition.

Another misconception is local champions are people with a lot of local currency. Unlike the law in developing countries the championship crown cannot be bought with gold or silver. Perhaps we all know that one guy or lady who had so much money “like tomorrow no dey” he was the most attractive and adored until he wasn’t anymore – because the money finished, plateaued or his party got voted out. If money could buy a championship crown especially an international one then you and I would know at least five billionaires from Asia but most of us know only one – Jack Ma founder of the Alibaba group, some of us two. My point, money is not always a championship crown, money is just money.

Your country needs some local champions, my country sure needs some. Politics and Pastoring being the two most attractive jobs these days shows the abundance scarcity in the area of local champions. So who are local champions? Local champions are people who solve problems in a locality thereby improving the living condition of that neighborhood. They are people who do for their locality what that zone couldn’t do for themselves. These people are never forgotten. This year try to be one, and just maybe on that path you could actually go global, because if you can influence a few, you could sure influence a lot more. This message is for me also – Happy New Year to You, Welcome to 2017!