The first week of December, the beginning of the end of 2016. I believe you must have heard many say emphatically “many started this year with us but haven’t seen this month” well I say many started last week of November with us but didn’t see the first week of December. Like the case of the graduate who died in Kano state because of negligence by government officials – her name was Ifedolapo Oladepo my heart goes out to her family, and also to Mr Ukeme Monday who died in Zamfara State orientation camp – they both were first class graduates. Not to forget the seventy-one members of the Brazilian team that lost their lives on the way to play the biggest match in their clubs history. There are many more dear and loving ones who passed on but didn’t make the news, to all of which I say Rest in Peace.

Do you remember the beginning of 2016? The wide spread panic that resulted in a few people relocating away from the North to places of their origin like the East and the West and others threatening to follow suit. The Heat, like literal heat not figuratively or better put by Nigerian vernacular Hot Sun!  Everywhere was hot, even those by the sea, talk more of those of us who only had a lake to look up to at best.  Do you remember? Then came the further slump in price of Oil to a record low, rice became above 20k. Do you remember how you looked at the gas prices when the subsidy was removed? “145naira! Blood of God! I rather start trekking!” you exclaimed. The steady inflation increased everything even the price of pure water.

Do you remember how President Buhari, became a Johnny walker of Africa? Do you remember the corruption cases, from continuation of Dansukigate to most recently, Judges of the Supreme Court and the likes? Do you remember when the rain came and how it just wouldn’t stop?  Then the ONDO election by which we discovered that the biggest opposition party is divided mutually into two – of course they lost. But can you also remember the expression on your face when you saw 21 girls set free from the Boko Haram Sect? Or at least when you saw the faces of their parents and guardians? Do you remember how you felt when the Super Eagles beat the Algerians in Akwa Ibom – especially when Victor Moses scored at the last minute?

What Nigeria has faced in a period of about 330 days can kill any ordinary man, naturally. The inflation at 2% makes some Americans commit suicide, we have had over 18% and yet you are still reading this because you are not ordinary, you are a Nigerian. But this is just the beginning of the End, it’s not over until it is over. Don’t stop pushing, believing, hoping, praying, loving and sharing. To everything there is a time and a season. Nigeria would come out of this depression with or without you. But through all this difficulty, that shouldn’t happen without you. This is the beginning of the End, but this is not the End. Stay strong.