10. MMM
One day Nigeria awoke to the news that a Ponzi scheme had begun in her. I for one did not try to understand this business, maybe after I heard the unimaginable 30% that was promised on return or maybe it was just a gut feeling, on the 12th day of December 2016, the Money Making Machine began the biggest Mannequin challenge I have ever seen. Now, just some days back I had  watched the Mannequin challenge posted by House on the Rock as they were about to host one of the biggest music concert in the world- The Experience 11 in Lagos, it did not Manqué and so did the show. On behalf of my friends and Enemies, I hope this weird Mannequin posted by MMM does not actually Manqué come January 14.

Now, I am one of those Nigerians that actually pray for this country every day before anything else. But eeh, believing that the good people of Rivers State would give Nigeria a break for once during their Elections has been difficult and thus I have taken the stance of a doubting Thomas every time there is an election in that State. I came to the conclusion in the year 2015 that the people of Rivers State don’t like themselves. They kill, maim and for what? Leaders that would comfortably steal from them. Since receiving the 13% allocation from the federal government roads are still terrible! People still live very close to the refineries and petrochemical stations despite their health and the Federal Government is still to blame not the Past Governors, Senators, House of Rep members, Kings, Chiefs - local or federal. So there was another election and not long both parties decided they were going there with the same message “be ready for violence” and there was obviously violence and deaths as expected. So weird that there is someone that actually thought that election would be peaceful.
INEC officer reads results with blood on his head

Followed closely is the fact that some Pro-PDP actually thought that PDP could win the Governorship election in Ondo State when they did not know who their candidate was until a few days before the election. I have been trying to use my little voice to tell PDP and their lovers like Pastor Reno Omokiri that if PDP keeps behaving like this APGA has a better chance of being the main opposition party come 2019 – it would be an easy victory for APC.

This has to be one of the weirdest happenings in the year 2016. The President elect of Ghana was not big on making people like him, he most time didn’t care. Through his campaign in 2012 everywhere he went he acquired more haters than lovers. But this year, some people even worked night and day for him to win this just concluded election for free, can you imagine the change? That a day would come that Nana-Akuffo Addo would become more likeable than John Mahama was like saying there is a day snow will fall in Ghana.

On the other side of the coin, probably the most likeable woman of 2016 lost an election against all odds. She had booked the much larger auditorium for celebration after her imagined win – she lost. What was weird is that contrary to the report that Americans put their country first, the Secretary refused to concede after her loss and instead sent home her supporters who have been waiting for hours just to have a glimpse of her. I find that strange cos it is like a football team losing a match and the players refusing to applaud the fans who travelled miles to cheer them, who does that? Clinton did and CNN had a few pundit frown on that. The question is what would have been the case if the coin was flipped? It was just weird.

Well On Nov 25, 2016, long story cut short, CNN showed 30 minutes of Hard Core Porn and later claimed it was an accident, but please who makes an accident for 30 minutes with porn instead of a food show. I am just thinking they could not accidentally show Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar or Joyce Meyer especially as that day was America’s Thanksgiving Day, but it was Porn. When there is a scarcity of bad news in the world these news stations allegedly do weird stuffs.

Still on Television broadcasting. A dear station, a lot of people watch in Ghana had one of it celebrated broadcasters sleep on air. With so much heat on the election night in Ghana this man still managed to doze off while on the phone with a correspondent, I find that not only strange but very insulting to that hardworking correspondent - did I mention strange?

We danced and celebrated the release of the 21 Chibok girls to their parents but what is just weird in that story is that there was no negotiation – give me this, take that. Mind you currently Militants are paid N65, 000 while Nigerian graduates are paid N19, 800 the ex-terrorist for some reason are valued three times more than graduates, because this country have had a bad history of negotiating with terrorist. Today some of them without doing anything else but holding a gun have houses in choice places in Abuja and Lagos. So it is weird to me to see there be a release now with this new terrorist without any compromising negotiation – or was I lied to?

On the eve of their return from Cameron the Minister of Sport, Solomon Dalung pleads the Super Falcons patience by saying “we didn’t expect that you would win” honestly, this could have been the weirdest thing I have heard in the whole of 2016. One Senator can pay these girls and still have change! Having houses in their villages where people need to take a bus shuttle from one end to the other. Well after two weeks of demonstrations and protest they were finally paid. But how can you send warriors out and not expect them to win? If you are not just evil or weird.


Even the legendary TB Joshua got it wrong and a few other renowned mathematicians. Saying Donald J Trump would win against Secretary Hillary Clinton had to be done as a whisper except you wanted to lose friends and family. But, he won with a landslide against all obvious odds and is the new President elect of the United States of America and this is the weirdest occurrence in 2016.

If you have your own list of the "weird things" for the year 2016, place them in the comment box. Thank you😊