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The people of the state of California Vs OJ Simpson is a case still undecided even after eleven years of the verdict. OJ Simpson’s was accused of murdering his ex-wife; Nicole Brown, who happened to be white, he took a not guilty plea and a year later the jury obliged to him being Not Guilty- he was acquitted. Till today, the defense lawyers in that case don’t know if what they defended was the truth or a lie, only OJ Simpson’s knows who killed Nicole Brown Simpson, this case wasn’t a slam dunk. In December 17, 2009 a certain Justice Awokulehin in his ruling quashed all 170-count criminal charges filed against an ex-governor of Delta State – James Ibori. However Ibori was later jailed in the UK for 13 years for the same offence that Awokulehin set him free in Nigeria, if this didn’t happen we probably could have been hearing another cry of “witch-hunt” when the Buhari led government took over and the Ibori case is revisited (it seems the only person that cannot make that cry is Gen Sani Abacha and that is because he is dead). This Ibori case was a slam dunk. Only that the slam dunk wasn’t made in Nigeria, because of a Judge.

Now we have a Judge of the Federal High Court in Abuja, who has been at the centre of making very important decisions, but for some reasons he makes them with a level of bias and in some cases as noted by the court of Appeal who happens to see most his cases referred to them of late as a man that “turns the law upside down” in the ruling the judge made on the Okezie Ikpeazu vs. Samson Ogah case, the Appeal court claimed that this judge “erred in the law and occasioned a miscarriage of justice”  there is a claim by the EFCC that this judge is one of the to-go-to judges by the detainees who are looking for long detention orders during the investigation of high profile cases, this judge is none other than Justice Okon Abang.

You probably know him as the Judge that removed Eyitayo Jegede SAN for the billionaire Jimoh Ibrahim from the ballot representing PDP in ONDO state - once again that ruling was upturned by the Appeal court. In clear terms Justice Ibrahim Saulawa described the verdict made by Justice Abang as “violent attitudinal disposition of the law”. This case made Eyitayo's preparation for a major election left to just a few days before the election (today, 26th November, 2016).

Now I believe Justice Abang is a good man, nice man, with some of the best of intentions but how does the NJC correct the perception of this judge’s rascality or that of the entire Judiciary? According to Justice Ogunwumiju in the case of Okezie Ikpeazu vs. Samson Ogah “…I was amazed at how the trial judge (Justice Abang) arrived at the conclusion of perjury against the appellant when there was no evidence of forgery. His findings are ridiculous. The judge must have sat in his chambers, unilaterally assessed and computed the taxes of the appellant and came to the conclusion that he did not pay the required taxes. (But) courts are not allowed to speculate, as the trial judge (Justice Abang) did… from whatever angle one looks at the Judgement of the trial courts, the decision of the court is grossly erroneous” This is the same Judge that gave the ruling against PDP’s national convention to mention a few.

Justice Abang has a knack for being in the news for all the wrong reasons associated to a judge maybe apart from been attacked by the DSS like some other judges were a few weeks ago. I don’t think the good people of Nigeria can trust this judge anymore. As a bystander, I can only state the obvious – Justice Okon Abang has to hit the road, in summary Justice Okoh Abang needs a bang.