Let us begin from whom everyone calls out every time the institution INEC is mentioned – Prof Jega. Why is he so praised? Simply because of his composure in delivery of the results in the 2015 elections this seems to just overwrite the most important thing – the election itself.  I remember last year I was approached to be a contract INEC officer in the state of Rivers. I didn’t have a problem with this but then when I projected the rate at which this body responsible for conducting election had prepared for this epoch event like a fire-service approach I realised that it would be foolishness to be part of something which had every possibility to be a failure inevitably. Did it fail? Well some of the contract staffs lost their minds and could not exercise their right to vote because they were busy running for their lives – jumping into the river, to me that is a failure no matter who won.

When you would think they have pulled all the cats out of their bags then you wake up to the news that in ONDO state the legally appointed candidate of a party at the supervision of the INEC as required by law is allegedly ignored for another more popular candidate. And you just wonder, seriously? Who does that? What should we expect next? What should we look forward to? Or better still what is the excuse this time around? How did this even become a case for the Higher or lower courts?

INEC has been in existence for democratically held elections since 1999 - the very beginning! Is it possible that they have not within those years learnt from their mistakes or from other people’s mistakes? That is just not possible. How do we trust the results of the election from Ondo state when they are not able to even put their house in other before the election? So that everyone clearly sees that they are ready to go.

The mistake everybody makes is that they think the problem is with the person leading but it is not true, the whole commission is to blame probably if we trace it down we might find that the problem began from the law that was even enacted to have it set up. The INEC needs help, because only then can they help those who they are paid to help. It is getting embarrassing, the case between the two PDP candidates is just an insult to common intelligence for it to have gotten that far. While groups like the Super Eagles are trying to bring honour to being a Nigerian, INEC is just embarrassing Nigeria.

So now we ask who is leading the PDP in Ondo State between Eyitayo Jegede and Jimoh Ibrahim, the answer is now left to when the court of Appeal Judges are ready and mind you the election is just 8 days away. In a time when someone like Donald Trump can win the Presidency of the USA against the more popular media backed candidate, you just think democracy in the world has made a giant leap forward then you look at Nigeria – INEC, you wonder if this country is actually located on Mars or worse the Sun itself.