To begin with if Donald Trump had lost this election he would have lost an election any other person would have won putting the same amount of work against a fantasy candidate as Hillary Clinton. Many months ago I wrote on this Blog in summary that “the only way Donald Trump wins this election was if the vice president he was set to CHOOSE was good enough – the only way he wins this election is through his Vice President” I remember saying that the individual doesn’t have to be popular but the person should have the characteristics of the one he chose; Mike Pence – a cushion, a standby and most importantly a Political correctness specialist, so what was Secretary Clinton doing on the side-lines while this was happening? What she was not supposed to be doing.

It’s no secret that the American media fully supported the Secretary why? She was good business. The support was so laughable that Aljazeera a Middle Eastern station calculated a Donald Trump win before CNN an American television network – which was only updated when Donald Trump stood to present his victory speech. So my question was with all the support of the Media, did Secretary Hillary Clinton have to spend the most part of her campaign on a bad press against Donald Trump, leaving the important job of trying to get the Americans to trust her but she was rather focussing on getting the Americans and the world to distrust Donald Trump – a wasted effort.

There were countless number of issues Secretary Hilary could and should have focussed on like Black lives matter movement who have constantly lost faith in the government despite having a black president for the first time in the oval office, then there is the supreme court judges that are of great importance to the Christians who are a majority religion in the USA, then there is the perception that she is the third coming of Obama which she just had to correct – disagree with Obama on some of his polices and make it clear to everyone. You know the whole Obama support was another miss hit, truth is Obama started supporting the Secretary from the primaries therefore she didn’t need to rub it in on everyone, saying things like “A man (Donald Trump) who can be provoked by a tweet should not be given the nuclear launch codes” or “Donald Trump doesn’t have the temperament to be president” the question is How do you know? Have you been President before?  Let those who have been speak those words for you not the other way round. Michelle Obama even had the whole sex talk covered – focus on something else.

Why did Donald Trump win? Aside from the obvious reason that he had the most electoral votes count, he did so because Secretary Hillary Clinton was paying attention to the wrong things and as she did push Donald, she got him to do something Donald Trump doesn’t really do; Apologise. That day Donald Trump apologised about the sex talk, he won the election. Because face it both of them have done wrong things in the past but only one sincerely apologised along the way because he was pushed to do so and that was Donald Trump. And because he did apologise, the sentiments which were never in his favour moved to him. And these sentiments was what Secretary Hillary Clinton banked on to make her president. But come January, on that podium would be a Trump not a Clinton.