Last week we told you the Corrupt Truth about the alleged corrupt judges. That didn't play well with some of my dearest supporters. Well I discovered early - if everyone is pleased with you, then you must be doing something wrong. Which brings me to my next discuss - Mr & Mrs Buhari (the movie).

The stage was set for a very interesting drama Mr Buhari was in the Germany part, Mrs Buhari in the  Nigeria part and she was there with some unresolved issues that for some reasons were not been made known by her to her dear husband in the privacy of their matrimony when he was back in Nigeria, a very lucky reporter cashed in - the reporter did not have a clue that this was a first lady in distress. She didn't hold back, she spoke it as it was or as she thought it was. Then Mr Buhari comes into the scene, appears on the stage in Germany, with a smile he winks at the audience "I don't know what party my wife belongs to" he joked "but I know she belongs to the Kitchen, Living Room and.." wait for it "the other room"

Hell broke loose, all the feminist (Beyonce and Adiche) styles called Mr Buhari a male chauvinist - and African men were not far behind this rage. The purpose of his visit was soon overlooked that it took a personal article highlighting the 10 takeaways by his communication chief; Mr Garba Shehu, to help people understand that Mr Buhari did not go to as far as the Germany part of the stage to just dis his wife or introduce the audience to the concept of "the other room"

As dBystander sitting in the audience I decided to cut Mr Buhari some slack so I went and picked up the full script of the interview Mrs Buhari actually made and after careful analysis I re-supported the removal of the office of the first lady. According to her, Mr Buhari has appointed more than 98% of people he doesn't know but what does she actually mean? People who don't have a voters card, Did not fight for the party in the general elections and in summary are not politicians. It was this kind of thinking that has brought Nigeria to its knees in time past. While I have been very vocal against the current crop of ministers which sadly went through one of the lengthiest waiting period and still could not boast of any youth as most thought in their selection, I would still rather support the selection of people who can do the Job by their qualifications and experiences than people who are there to drive the campaign for a re-election or people who need to be appreciated. That is just blatantly wrong and it is the very breathing ground for the corrupt. Nevertheless my conclusion is Mr & Mrs Buhari has at least 25 years in between them - they would surely settle maybe in a room without a stage.

Shortly after this stage play the Judges begin and Amaechi starts trending - Again!

I served in Rivers state two years ago or maybe three. I was utterly disappointed with everything from the security to the infrastructures, the only thing that I was very glad with was their concept of family, people seldom went around with their first names as a pride to their family and they gathered together from all part of the world at the bidding of that same family. Now, I believe that this state has not broken in two because of that commitment to family. When I was there the police protected themselves, they cleared a traffic jam only to make their trucks pass and leave the rest for people's hustling abilities - then there were the expatriates or multinational oil companies (let me not go there). So you have to imagine my surprise when Amaechi was appointed a federal minister. Now, just in case Mr President reads this I want to say something to him - if you have read any of my articles you would know I honour you and I understand that your office has some untold work that many cannot bear but Sir my one problem with you is your excellence in being indifferent and it seems to me that unless you change this attitude it would be what you would be remembered for not your fight against corruption which would outlive you.

The judges may be wrong or they may also be correct - Mr President, please look into it.

Donald Trump and Secretary Hillary Clinton's debate never fails to entertain especially now that the election is just a few days away. Who do I want to win? I am dBystander I sit on the fence by nature.