Nigerian Senate Sitting

Please let us understand what we are doing from the very beginning. What Nigeria is asking from life is this - Life we want to be a successful country and still be a people of honor the way that made training a child esp. morally in this country not a difficult in their early days. We have to understand that this is a feet no country on this planet has been able to accomplish - this is uncharted ground. Been successful is not really a big deal, with the right formula’s plus the right environment plus the right policies equals a successful nation doesn’t matter if that Nation is Nigeria or Congo Brazzaville. Becoming successful with all your senses still intact especially morally is a big deal – a very big deal.

In one of my articles, Honour and Africa I stated that Africa is a continent that honors; simple. It is not just what we do it is who we are. So much so that if an African removes honor the African way from his CV, that individual loses his true identity and would soon be forgotten like many others that have treaded that road before. Now anything worth doing is worth doing well, therefore this honor is expensive. I know it appeals to the average human to sell when you are down especially selling the ones that makes people sentimentally in tune with you. Therefore the sale of the governor’s houses in Abuja sounds very sacrificial but there is a reason your mum kept two meats for your dad even when you needed the protein more while growing up and your pastor has the front row sit in the fellowship while it would be logical for you the member to have that sit especially when it is your first time – focus increases. 

But selling is good. Two of the presidential planes are currently on sale - good. Some things are just excesses another excess is the office of the first lady sadly most states still has that office. Some so called asset need to be sold because they have turned into liabilities, using America for example among the 5,627 hospitals only 213 are owned by their federal government while 1,003 are owned by the states and local government, that is about 22% of public ownership, the remaining 78% is privately owned and managed – the doctors don’t go on strike there (why would they? They have lot of benefits). Compared to their Airport which are owned and run by the federal government, state government or county – they are some of the worst in the world just like ours (maybe some of ours are even better than theirs – that is a joke).

Selling is not weakness.  Some folks don’t want to even hear it, they just want to buy but never sell. Especially in the part of Africa called Average, we are against anything that involves selling even if it is our sins. But we want to buy – in fact we are serial buyers of that which is produced from outside not our own because when we discover it was produced here we ask “why did she have to sell?” Quoting Strive Masiyiwa, “if you’re unwilling to consider selling, let alone actually sell when you have to, then you’re not cut out for the big leagues __Don’t procrastinate when facts are obvious” here the fact should not be that of recession but that of are we the best owners of that federal university, an example among many. In summary we have to ask ourselves, are we the best managers of this and that – answer with some honesty.

Strive Masiyiwa

I know the Senate house has passed the bill against selling any National asset – I think they are wrong. But what do I know, I'm just dbystander.