Nigeria is obviously passing through a lot. There is no way that can be sugar coated and this is because of the years of bad leadership that has plagued the country called Nigeria. Most of our past leaders invested the nations wealth into things that soon became irrelevant. We had leaders that sprayed perfume on corpse or started building from the top, forgetting the only people who built from the top are those employed by undertakers to build a grave. So we built a large estate called FESTAC, Built an Olympic Stadium in Abuja and a host of other beautiful facilities that became a waste, because they were just projects for the moment not one with any future plans or better said perfume on a dead body. Nigeria and Nigerians are passing through a lot but we still have to celebrate. Why? It could have been worse.

So today we celebrate the day this married Southern and Northern Protectorate finally moved out of their mother's home, even though in reality they started doing things on their own only three years after their move. Since that movement there has been more than one justifiable reason to seek a divorce, but this couple still belongs to a time where if a thing was broken it was repaired and not thrown out the window. Today we celebrate her courage to make that move. One thing is certain, that girl that left her mother's home is now a strong beautiful woman and soon to be very wealthy, only because she did not give up. 

Today we celebrate beyond Nigeria, but the courageous Nigerian's who despite the difficulty; both from within (corruption) and without (visa god's). They still don't give up. They are the ones that eventually start companies like Globacom Limited and Innoson Vehicles. 

dBystander has Spoken.