In case you missed it this week some Judges were picked up by the Department of State Security for alleged crimes of corruption and professional misconduct on the part of these Supreme Court judges. This has attracted mixed reactions from the public, the National Judicial Council/ National Bar Association, the National Assembly even to the presidency – obviously these men are not new to the rich and powerful. Some have said it was wrong, some have said it was right while other very ignorant fellows have said it is beginning of dictatorship in Nigeria by the Buhari led government – as they say “everything is Buhari’s fault”. So now you have read all of these what do you think dBystander has to say? Let’s start from the beginning.

The chief justice of Nigeria (CJN) earns about 3 million naira ANNUALLY! A little calculation would reveal that in a month his take home salary is supposed to be just around N250k roughly. These judges arrested are supposed to be lower than the CJN, so let’s assume they earn around 200k a month, well just to mention a few let’s ask some logical questions,  how does a person that earns around 200k in a month have 54 million in his private home? Well let’s put a pin on that. How can another colleague at the other side of the Niger have about $320,000 (assuming an exchange rate of 315 naira to 1 dollar this figure is N100,800,000) in his own private home? Let’s put another pin on that. How can another coworker in another state have about £26,000 (assuming an exchange rate of 386 naira to 1 pound this figure then becomes N10,036,000) in his private home? I have run out of pins.

We are told that five out of the Judges arrested were under investigation by the NJC – that is very funny, it’s like telling my mother to examine me, she would unknowingly add some grace to it this is human nature – but still on the matter, why was it after this occurrence that the public became privy to the information that they were been investigated? Some said, some of the Judges have been retired and their punishment was to not have any pay – that is another very funny joke it as though a American child is to be punished by his dad and he goes like “you are grounded. Go to your room!” for some reason the NJC had decided to punish like those very civilized folks, but what is funny is the Americans don’t punish a judge found to be wrong that way, we have number of cases where the judge found guilty is fined and asked to do community service for just a case as soliciting a sex worker. So this is a classic case of soaking Garri but telling your friends you are in fellowship with Jollof rice.

There are two sides of this coin we hold – the first side you already know through the answers you have given yourself to those questions. The second is the Judiciary must be protected from themselves and from the executive, they have to be able to uphold the rule of law quickly and efficiently. The only way this can happen is by removing all interferences that have bedeviled them in the past. But in the last 16 years their interference has not been from the executive mostly, but from themselves and this is largely due to the corrupt learned friends they have.  
It is therefore vital to get rid of all of the Corrupt Judges – then move to the other attorneys.
But what do I know, I am just a bystander.