Last week I introduced to some the works of a Poet by the name Michael Bran Enoell; Letter to Hope and Greed. This week I have the rare privilege of showing you another of his works which I feel could add just a little color to your week. So from me to you, I introduce to you the Poems Nightfall and The Impending, enjoy!


Let the roses bloom this springtime
Let the stars brighten up
And let the moon shine its best
Apt with twinkle lights everywhere
Showing forth a radiating beauty
A scenario that conquers an eyesore
Making the perfect nightfall sweet to behold

Let the sea hold back its roaring noise
To give its inhabitants a calm nature
So we can hear with ease
The songs of the birds as they merry in the dark
And the joyous croaks from water depth

Let the gentle caressing breeze
Make notice its arrival
By making the trees dance the traditional
Giving us a fantasy land dream

So on our beds we lay
An unavoidable answer to Mother Nature
As we reminisce cheerful moments from our passing dinner
Happily, we lay aside all worries
Gently, our souls pass into oblivion
Leaving every wish of the mind to its fate
Every thought on a journey back to its origin
And smoothly we sail to a glorious morning
All in earnest preparation
To welcome the birth of a new dawn.


The stench was in the air
Yet we disbelieved
We heard its loud cry
A child’s play we thought
So paid no attention

The sands stirred up finally
With ease we perceived the earthen smell
Up into the sky the wind rose
From depth unknown
Fast across it spread
From distance immeasurable
Whirling and sweeping greatly
A respecter of nothing

Everyone in a hurry
Worries carved upon our faces
Visuals succumbed to imaginations
Hearing senses sharper than ever
Though refuge we all seek
Only one desire for all

Now the downpour
Alas, a fatal solution
Refrain thyself we pray thee
That we locate our tents….

Gentle steps to the window
A thousand wishes come rushing
Craving those days of pure innocence
When we danced in the rain
Who’d believe they were best times?

Valleys widened, oceans raised
Tress uprooted, gouges deepened
Roofs lifted, buildings collapsed
Many answers, only one question
We just close our eyes 
And everything is a memory

To be Continued Next week…