If you missed the solar eclipse well, you not alone. So, it was less than a week ago I introduced you to an artist I met. For you to be spoken off by a Bystander then you must be worth something either positive or negative. Today, grace has brought another artist our way, and because of him I have done something I haven’t done in a long time and that is publish on a Thursday. So that is the story now I urge you with every vein in my body to read the poems written by this Poet who goes by the name Michael Bran Enoell.


Dear Hope,
To you my last of chances
I scribble here, my blood as ink
The lot my trembling fingers could
Two more breaths and I am done
But my sword shall remain homeless
For I am a man willing to change destinies

My path lies lurked
And I scrabble hopelessly
They call me a hopeless fool
A consequence to an uncircumcised breed
But I shall smell the breath of hope
Chorusing dark edges to light
And the pathfinder shall find his path
His soul delightedly aflame

Bathed with tortures from yesterday
Nourished by today’s pains
I see my rainbow all in black
My confidence in ruins
No condolences to console
These creepy feelings of worthlessness

Teary eyes, hurting knees
Memories of those winter vigils
To the Guardian of all souls
So I prayed
Let my will be lost in thine
My lost soul to redeem

Now I beseech you O hope
A timely cure for my sores
If time healeth all wounds
Your reply in earnest I wait 

Catch your breath… now begin again.


Thou faithful son of deceit
Thoughtless and void of sympathy
Appearing blameless, but a deuce
Cursed be your roots.

You make disciples of ill fortune
Crown their efforts with destruction
You Beget corruption without labour
Convicted a sinless love
Now brothers are carving spears
To which your allegiance stands

Oh! Poor Greedy Fella!
Liberate your eyes from your blindfold
And undo the foolishness of your fathers
Who wallowed in obscurity of their deeds
And frowned to their graves untimely

If he may
Let the unrepentant sharpen his sword
Yet, his obituary shall be welcomed with smiles
For love shall rise a conqueror
It is in giving that we receive.

To be continued…