Food is important to humanities existence. As long as you are on earth you must eat, it’s that simple. But the question is how do you eat? When do you eat? And also where do you eat? Now am not a foodie therefore this article is not going to reflect any delicacies or criticize any chef because in all sincerity this bystander doesn’t know anything about foods or cooking except for the fact that maybe the pot has to be heated in most cooking sceneries, so in all humility I would refer you to a rather impressive food blog to get all your Nigerian food analysis and that is none other than Dobbys Signature.

But on this faithful day I was walking down a street looking to get home when I saw a sign post that read “Now Open” my attention was snatched really by the way the structure of the restaurant was designed outside, which made me wonder how it was inside. I took a detour and as I approached the door a well-dressed and cultured security guard opened the door for me and said “Welcome to Bel Food Cut” my first question was “am I still in Nigeria?”

Once, I worked for a telecommunication company on contract basis and I was tasked with leading a group of graduates on customer servicing, one of those days I stood by the entrance and welcomed a gentleman with a smile, he approached me with this words “You are not a staff here right?” I questioned how he knew and he said with a chuckle “the last time I came here they were not this polite, in fact they were not polite at all”

Like that man, seeing an organisation that is courteous to a prospective customer especially when they are under pressure of demand and supply is like looking for a needle in a haystack. But, today I have not written about Bel Food Court because of their courtesy, I have written about them because of their orderliness and cleanliness.

The first thing you notice when you enter the building is the very well thought off arrangement of the chairs, tables, Cups, art collections and lightings. Then there is the cleanliness, so I said “whoever manages that building has given no excuse for filthiness, I have got to meet that person” this I did. Back again to inquire about this Bel Food Cut as a Bystander, I sat with The manager, now he told me the restaurant is open every day to 10pm, it serves it meals freshly cooked in about 10 minutes, it is one of the few restaurants that has an offer for Arabian meals and their maintenance strategy is simply “everybody does their job” in his words. But, that is what they all say when they are new, so I asked how new are you? And he says “7 months” I say “Okay, I understand…”

For the meantime, this is a place your family and friends would want to check out if you ever in the city of Abuja; Bel Food Cut (International Cuisine, Chinese, Nigerian, Indian, Italian with BBQ/Grill and Fresh Juice Smoothies)