The Edo state election caught my attention not because it was re-scheduled to the 28th of September from the 17th but because one of the reasons for the shift was the election date coincided with a Public Examination, INEC really? Well I understand, because at the last presidential and governorship election in 2015, I was a little close to the action in Rivers state where some NYSC members had to run into the river to survive the violence including those who couldn’t swim, some had to leave their INEC materials and run for their lives. I remember once some of my friends were surrounded by many angry youths with the aim of collecting their permanent voter’s card illegally. When election comes everything stops; work, family, friendship, patriotism and sometimes lives because to an average Nigerian, election is no different from war.
Most countries have the same Pareto principle occurring others don’t, Nigeria does. In fact it is not the case of 80 to 20 percent but the case of probably 98 to 2 percent, the two being APC and PDP.  As hilarious as it may be, it might be the reason Nigeria is where they are. And funny enough the power is supposed to lie with the voters and not the party, but in almost two decades of elections the political parties have argued differently, because in this country despite all the shout and disapproval we actually fear to look beyond the Big TWO.

So Edo has 19 political parties; 19 governorship aspirants and 19 deputies. Question is what is their record? Yes the 19 not just the 2. Where did they lead before now and how effective were they? Who are they married to and who are their children; have they raised tugs? Where do their wives work? How did they pay for their children’s tuition? What is their health status and where is proof? What are their views on the traditions of the Edo people and how would they bring it out to the world if elected? Do they know how many natural resources the land has, do they know their names? How do they intend to continue bringing in investors? Where do they see Edo in four years?

If your candidates has not been heard answering these questions then you are most likely voting for the wrong candidate. What that means is that in four years from now, all you would have if your candidate is finally elected is some of his sons would be posting pictures and updates from the city of Dubai, and also his daughter would be having her birthdays in the city of London with your money, while you and the people of Edo state would just be managing with the way things are which were the way things used to be before this your candidate was elected.

Edo has 19 candidates not just 2. Be wise with your vote, your destiny is actually in your hands not their hands. Am finally vote for the candidate not for the party.