Ah… Beauty!
Original works of Jhay

Different cultures, languages, systems and politics but one understanding of this word; Beauty.
Hmm… Beauty!

The careful organisation of thoughts, items but in this article strokes, brushes and erasers; Beauty.
Ah… Beauty!

Everybody craves her, wishes to be her but a lot fall short because not everyone understands her; Beauty.
Chai! Beauty!

In truth anybody can create her because everyone was made inherently custodians of her; Beauty.


Why is there so much ugliness in the world?

Well, this could be because the world is in the habit of appreciating her only when she has become History from Da Vinci to Galileo, it’s a trend.

Don’t get distracted science should also be artistic.

So I met another artist.

For those who don’t know who an artist is, they are the ones who don’t only appreciate her but can create her uniquely.
As the eye is a door to the soul so is an art the entry to a period, a dispensation or an existence.

The work of art might be tiny but they would tell a better story than your memory, because beauty involves organisation, remembering could never be more organised than looking through the eyes of a work of art; Beauty.

So I met an artist, I saw his works and time stopped for a moment.

Everybody takes pictures this days so much so, we have lost the purpose. We have taken pictures as raw science and so we have lost the beauty. We have so many but we look at so few and appreciate none, because none of them really is a beauty that transcends time.

We all need artist.

Like the one I met.

His works spoke Peace,

Original works of Jhay


Original works of Jhay



Original works of Jhay


Original works of Jhay

And most of all Beauty.
Original works of Jhay

I met an Artist. 

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