Let’s begin this way, the stage is set, the orchestra is about to begin a performance as you wait patiently in the audience. The music conductor makes his appearance in such a dramatic fashion, makes his customary bow, climbs the podium and realises the lead female vocalist isn’t at her post, looking over to her husband the saxophonist with a signal as to say “why is your wife not here, now?” he signals back as to say “you know how women delay, I just left her at home” so is the way complacency always has a reason. But the question in this story is who was complacent?

Man is like a machine newly made when they are recruited to solve a problem, the machine is at a hundred percent efficiency reading, but one day it is driven and due to factors like friction its percentage readings decrease on an increase. To say that there is a man on this planet that has not at some point drifted into complacency is to liken a man to one who has never sinned. Nevertheless even though there are not any machines that are hundred percent efficient we see that there don’t have to be to do job excellently or near perfection, so we try to maintain that efficiency level as much as we can and this we could also adopt for the sickness of complacency.

As a country, we have to understand people would drift and continue to drift into complacency with length of stay. Therefore countermeasure needs to be put in place to help people “remember the family they are from” as our parents have always warned. Nothing should be left to the arm of complacency if that is the case then would we have a civil service like we do have now, where people come in with very fat certificates and resolve to just the benefit of the certificate only. Personally I think a good certificate should be good enough to get you in through the doors but that should be all, your contributions should determine if you rise or fall in service. HND/DEGREE/MASTERS and the rest with due respect are just certificate, every man and woman should be given the opportunity to prove their own mettle.

Now pursuing a second degree is no longer about passion or interest to further study, it’s now about the idea that the complacent system of Nigeria has supported that says do whatever you can to get those degrees and you are rest assured you would have a corner office when you return, no matter who contributed to the job excellently before you. Believe it or not on this premise Nigeria had believed they could produce a strong affront governmentally. But year in and out, governments change or remains the same, civil service has always asked for a new beginning or not. Though what we see through the years is the same old story that is usually a tale of complacency like that of the music conductor and his team.