Being frequent on news hasn’t been my strongest forte of recent. I am among those who hear the news, hours or sometimes days after it happened, thanks to the 24 hour news channels we have over the world whose specialty is not just telling the breaking news but just the news. I was in this place when I heard the news about the shooting of the black men, which isn’t really news to me as I have already been following the black lives matter movement for a while. This movement has tried to make public this incidences when they occur, so what was the news here? One way or the other they had a camera on this time around.

Now the preceding event wasn’t as shocking to me too, with all the accessibility to guns in that country and entertainment that elevate the revenge of a people on others something like a vigilante, one could only countdown to when an American; black or white would take some of his legally purchased guns and shoot someone else for what he feels as a just cause, especially one as good as the unfair killings of two black men or let’s say more than 400 black folks from January to July, well it happened, several law enforcers lost and others injured.

When I was serving in Rivers State one of my friends came up to me by the banks of the river as I looked on and said “why should someone die without visiting America?” this is why people smuggle themselves to the land of freedom and never want to return even if they have to donate their kidneys there to survive. On the other side of the sea after experiencing some of the worse terrorist attacks in their history, France was hosting a major event. It’s like saying just after the bomb blast in a part of Kaduna, it’s still hosting the international friendly match, and how many Nigerians can take that? On those basis some players have even threaten to retire from playing for the green white green.

Somebody has deceived us that on this path to becoming the giant of Africa there would be no challenges, no in-balance, and no imperfection. So we rather force ourselves to become slaves of ones who have committed themselves to perfection through their challenges than cut the paths of our own. Now let’s imagine a scenario of their last one month of America and France in Nigeria here it goes. “Breaking News: it’s reported that 10 Igbos were short in kaduna, kano, Lagos and Ekiti”  it won’t take long for you and I  to hear “we said it, they never loved us, all you Igbos come back home before it’s too late” and secondly, “Breaking News there was a truck that just ran into a mosque in prayer somewhere across Enugu during the holiday” it won’t be long you and I would here from somewhere up north “we are going to kill anyone that cannot recite the Koran”

Sometimes we ridicule the way Americans and Europeans divorce in marriage but we don’t look in the mirror as to how many times we have actually divorced from each other as a country. This country needs to start taking themselves seriously and making laws that support that sort of country. I remember some years back Ghana had an election that was challenged by the NPP (opposition party) during the trial there was a live broadcast across the entire Nation, so when radio stations and possibly bloggers started trying to incite their listeners and viewers to violence like a people not taking themselves seriously, they were summoned. Asked to explain themselves, and most of them spent the night or a week in a cell even after apologising to the Nation, nobody was above the law. When one argued that he had freedom of speech the judge told him “yeah you do but when you use it to incite others against the country I have freedom to take your freedom” that guy spent like two weeks in jail after apologising.

We need to start taking ourselves seriously in this nation before we become like Haiti or Venezuela. America, France and most recently Turkey’s lessons to us is that of resilience, they understand there is no plan B so they work this plan A until it works. And, it’s already working because our best brains are over there begging for peanuts despite being trying to be lured home with a chieftaincy title in their village, they’d rather stay there where anybody can dial 911 and be attended to and not some 11 digit number only millionaires save on their phones in this country, where a police can actually arrest a military officer that does a crime like a failed coup that killed over 300 and injured over a 1000, unlike this country where a police officer cannot even stand where the military stood. It works because someone like Donald trump can threaten us with seizing our internet because in truth it’s theirs.

 It’s not what we don’t have that is hurting us, it’s what we have and are afraid to use like the Law.