How does one begin this story? Well it started many years ago just when money replaced the existing means of exchange; trade by barter. The trade by barter was already losing its integrity as people no longer exchanged goods for their value because value in itself could not be properly estimated. A few metals, papers and some select items were therefore given values to help curb the discrepancies of the trade by barter system of exchange. Money as popularly called was introduced to Africa and the real greed began.

Today, we say the richest black man is the person by the name Dangote but in actual fact is a guy named corruption. Corruption is so rich its enemy which is Africa is so poor thereby needing aid from much more developed countries and individuals.  As corruption increased in wealth, it also increased in fame and also in definition, people had to give it different names and definition to be able to continue in it for so long also on this definitions many of us children of Africa and the world have paid homage to Him unknowingly.

I sat one day and watched how the Vice President of Nigeria came into an arena for a program at 9:45am where he was supposed to be the key note speaker, therefore the speaker on the stage at the moment was asked to cut his delivery short why? The vice president has to deliver and leave in a hurry, why? For the same reason he came at 9:45am and not 9am; Security. You see as corruption can affect one, it can and would also affect all, same as insecurity, if people cannot sleep and move freely among themselves because of the excellence of the nation’s security team soon the leaders would be forced to act in ways they are not used to like coming late for a program and leaving immediately after their speech; everyone would be affected. 

To further extrapolate, how many of this universities that are not properly sanctioned and regulated do you see the sons and daughters of the men intended to sanction this universities going to, wait! It doesn’t end there. Those sons and daughters finish from their respective universities and realise only a handful of them would be accepted as citizens of that country even the ones accepted are given heavy conditions to live with for the rest of their lives and the ones that are not accepted face returning to a country where whoever was given a job had done it averagely like their father who sent them there at the beginning so they decide “am not going back to Nigeria it’s 3rd world” and their parents cry “the white people have stolen my son and daughter”

Corruption began with money but it became more than just that, it became a religion where man was now his own god. Man felt because he had a few things he could determine when it should rain and when it should not, and while it was doing all of this other men stood by the law and did nothing about it because they wanted to be among the people blessed by this new god. The result was, we found them riding a convoy of six cars here and going over the seas and riding comfortably in a train, also we realised we had some of the highest paid law makers in the world but one of the least respected. Corruption made a fool of us.

Where does this end? I really don’t know but I know the end has a beginning and that is you and me. Together we can carve out an Africa that we would be proud off, together we can make corruption poor again but as we speak corruption is still the richest man in Africa.