Last week we touched a little on the Nigerian Police where we stated unapologetically that the currently police cannot stand on the same path as the military, talk more off even making an arrest like we saw in the turkeys failed coup involving twisted law breaking military officials among others. Is this a good thing? Is this the way it’s supposed to be? Should the security agencies in a country have that sort of disregard for any of its part or agencies? Let me begin answering from the last question.

The Nigerian Police, Military, Navy… EFCC etc. are all part of one body; Security. Now, looking at the human body there is no part that should be trampled over by the other, this is because every part functions uniquely to answer a certain question no matter how small the being poses to them. Also, no one part of the body was created to override the function of the other while the other is still existing. The body’s vitality therefore comes from the effective functions of individual part consistently. This could therefore pose an answer to the question why security in this nation has been so compromised since 1966 when innocent easterners where slaughtered in the North and West?

So here it is, once you walk, drive or fly around and you see any military presence at any checkpoint, private escort or whatever within the country you reside understand that it is because your police has failed and it’s continuing to fail. The military was designed and created to defend the integrity of a nation the closest it’s supposed to be to civilians armed and ready for action is at the borders not within its territories, the reason they are here and not there is because the police which was created to protect and work with the civilians has failed and is continuing to fail. So the question is why has it failed? Answer, the foundation.

It doesn’t matter who is appointed the IG of the police tomorrow even if it’s you reading this or me writing, we would all fail that is we would still find that the only people we protect are the rich,  our good officers would still be transferred at free will of an individual especially when on the verge of actually doing some good, our staffs would still request for bribes because the welfare of our staffs and their families are still below their counterpart in private firms (graduate and non-graduate), it is hard to differentiate between the good officers for promotions as promotions would still be according to the years of stay instead of quality of stay and finally all other security agencies would still look down on us, we would all fail. Because it’s not about us, it’s about the system beneath us.

Nigeria is a great country in this area not because of it agencies but because of its people, that is if it wasn’t for the awesome people God kept in this part of the world this country would have long degraded into unrests, if I may ask you that is reading, do you know where the closest police station is in your area set to protect you? Do you know the name of the leader there? Do you even have a number to call them? It therefore means that more than 80% of us go to bed every night just hoping for the best, hoping that that hungry man on the street would not go use his last cash to purchase a weapon on the black market, wear a mask and come for a forced dinner in your house and probably some sexual relief too with your … the thing is, there would be crime without the paralytic nature.

But, it’s not always the people of this country have ignored the urge for the free ticket of violence because of the paralytic nature of the police, you have heard in the news how some 200 Muslim brothers allegedly destroyed a church building in Niger state some days back because the church opened on a Friday, now, imagine what they would do when Christmas falls on a Friday, or how a few killed a female pastor for not respecting their religion and preaching against their prophet like they would have killed heaven if it rained on them while they were having one of their daily prayers. So instead of reporting to the police this offence, they took the law into their hands simply because of the question why not?  Now there is an agency whose responsibility begins with anticipating things like this before it’s even reported or turns to a crime but… it turns into a crime; Always. The question therefore is who is next?

The police needs a system that works first, not more barracks and plasma TV screens in their stations; although that would be cool. The police needs a system that returns them to really protecting every person in the country citizen or non-citizen, poor and rich, it needs a system that is not regulated by one call from a so called Nigerian big-man, that regulates the transfer, promotion, recruitment of officers… this amongst others could make the police force a success and a respectable agency once again. I think we owe it to those good, brave men and women who have over the years served and even died protecting the integrity and pride of the Police to make this agency a Force again.

Nigerian Police needs a system that regulate itself excellently. If they get one, everyone would know because a system that works cannot be overshadowed by challenges, rather it is exposed by them. Until then no matter how much the Police wants to be your friend, they just can’t because they don’t have the capacity to be