DONALD TRUMP: The Only way He wins the Election

America goes to the polls in November, there has been a truck load of presidential aspirants but as expected it has been narrowed down to just two; Trump and Clinton. From the democratic perspective, Clinton was a little expected, she has had to wait eight years for the right time to strike for the main prize, although a citizen favorite later arose to make her victory not an easy one she and her team worked tirelessly to ensure that those who matter for that stage voted for her as promised.

Mr Trump on the other hand is a billionaire who was a billion dollar away from being considered. Reading through a popular news outlet at the beginning of his campaign last year, they tried to put out reasons supporting the selection of a candidate, as I went through the philanthropic long list of candidate in which Trump was a part off, under the name Donald Trump, paraphrased they wrote “we are stumped, we don’t have any reason that could enable Trump win the republican candidacy ticket: a person who has the temperament to lay off over a 1000 staffs can’t be president” with this they gave him below a 50% chance of selection. But Trump loves a challenge, because he loves to win, and how do you win without a challenge?

Several months down the line, this race has become majorly of two things Love and Hate. Hilariously, Mrs Hillary Clinton isn’t the most loving of women on the planet, an Ex-Secretary of State and former First Lady, voters have never really pictured her as a Princess Diana kind of royalty, but she has had to play that role because someone has to play that role to keep a balance in a race that Trump have led with so much hate. Whoever says love always wins needs to look again because a mortal by name Donald Trump is making a lot of heart felt head ways with a lot of hate, he has cleverly found a way to prove to Republicans that love is weakness, therefore becoming their top candidate.

But in November, Trump is not going to be up against his fellow republicans, but he is going to be up against the whole of America. And what is known about Americans and Europeans, is that they have loved so much that killing a bird there became a crime. It’s not rocket science therefore to states that trump is going to lose if this is all he’s got going for him; a shallow republican support and a hate campaign. Clinton practically has to do nothing intellectual but stay and remain on the sentimental angle, which is not really difficult especially for a mother.

I think this story has played out before, I introduce you to a man by the name Buhari this man wanted to be president again in a democratic rule against his last in the military. When he was last president, 40 percent of the current voting population were not alive at best they were in someone’s womb. But, there was a perception of him and all of it was not the sort of leader you like to do business with; ruthless, religious fanatic, disobedient to the rule of law, enemy of freedom of speech etc. but these were all perceptions that were passed down from somewhere. So he tried and tried, every time he did he failed or at his best he was second.

No matter how many times he came out in a native dresses to solicit for votes a large majority of the voting population saw a military general in his uniforms including those of us who never actually saw him in real time in that attire, so the civilians felt electing him was actually carrying out a military coup with ballot papers. One day, Buhari saw that it wasn’t his intention or his current actions that caused his failures but people’s perception so he sort to change it or at least affect it, then he did the smartest thing ever, he selected a Professor named Yemi Osinbanjo as his vice.

Subsequently, Buhari had made the same mistake over and over of not thinking through who he would like to be on the candidacy ticket with him, so he brought in a pastor as a vice but the pastor’s personality was a bit similar to his, at the time that pastor was already on the forefront of speaking down other pastors and a popular bishop, who, if he then had a twitter account would have been racking like 10 million followers. With all the good intentions and prayers with such a vice as a candidate, failure was already imminent; and so it was every time.

Prof Yemi was the most unlikely choice to many pundits, in fact about 40 percentage of the voting population had to ask “who is Prof Yemi Osinbanjo?” and as they consulted google they realised that this time around Buhari had chosen someone who was the embodiment of everything the campaign stood for; integrity, professionalism, religious tolerance, humility, peace and change. Finally people were now in touch with their sentimental side as much as their logic with this candidate; Buhari. The result was that for the first time in Nigeria in 16 years of an uninterrupted democratic rule a different candidate was chosen from another party.

The only way trump wins the United States of America’s election this November is through his vice president.

But what do I know, am just a bystander