Written by Sophina Kio-Lawson

Meet Tolu, a second class upper graduate in Mass Communication of University of Lagos who was initially deployed to the north for her 3 weeks orientation camp and well you know how the current situation of the country with regards to security in the north and the rare opportunities offered to Corp members in those areas are (like her PPA could actually be in a cattle ranch) so don't Blame Tolu for wanting to apply for relocation the minute she got into the camp.

Her new boss (The Director) in the state she relocated to; Ogun state.  Who is a very married man, blessed with kids, is bent on frustrating her service year because she has ignored all his secondary advances, and date requests.

Now wait a minute, like pause a little, chill… just chill.
I don’t get why some very married men (especially the old ugly ones + newlyweds) who have promised to honour their vows at the altar would go about chasing other women and forcing the chase. Let me ring a bell here Karma is very much alive! And when it comes back to hunt your kids in future as they are single or married... be sure not to complain.

So here I was, minding my business whilst working or doing whatever was the closest thing to work in this secretariat where there is a lot of brain drainage, when I heard the director exchanging words with Tolu as to how he won't give her the clearance for that month.

Yekpa!!! Is this man the devil himself?

Now, you can play with a Corper’s state allowance (which we don't even get to see in Ogun state), but never, I Repeat never!!! Joke with their 19,800 naira monthly allowance clearance… after the transportation cost they've spent to work plus feeding and accommodation (which the state should have provided, but didn't) you want to come and touch the Alowee?! Sir, you don’t want to become unfortunate. 
So, I had never seen Tolu this way before, the way she shouted and insulted Mr Director… I sort off pitied him but at the same time I felt he deserved it, you know a little mixed feelings for the boss.

This matter went on for days and whilst we all went to get our clearance, Tolu still didn't get hers.
Finally, thanks to her Dad who intervened and spoke to some people in the government (I bet director didn't know Tolu knew some Oga’s at the top) about the issues his daughter was facing… there was release and all of a sudden he started famzing with Tolu.
What a pathetic old man.

Well, this diary sort of closes today but I hope this sounds a warning to NYSC; there should be some active feedback online system that serving corp members can state what they are going through in their various PPA’s, and their places of residence.

There are many Tolu’s out there who may not have a father to run to or some one at the top to fight for them, so they rely on Gods grace and the strength of the Holy Spirit to make it through the service year amidst the whole frustration. But imagine if they had a medium to talk to you, well until then to prospective NYSC employers don’t touch the Alowee!!!


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