Written by Sophina Kio-Lawson

Hello Beautiful readers...

I'm going to say it just as it is, Being a lady is a matter of choice and doesn't come cheap at all. It isn't something you go buy off your favorite shop from the mall or one of those fancy shops in the most Porsche areas of your residence. It's not something you choose to wear on some days and then the next minute you are all bitchy and arrogant. Nuhhh ...Wrong!!
It is the way you act when your'e home or at an event, when you are in a meeting or when  out with your friends, when giving a presentation at the office or when preaching to someone. It's truly from within , it is a reflection of how your heart is and the thoughts that run through that mind  of yours.

Here are my tips to being Classy and not Trashy
1.    Dress with Taste: Yup whatever the occasion is, make sure you wear stuff that fit and makes you feel comfortable. You can always slay without showing off so much Flesh, ask Omotola (The Actress) how she does it? Also if you don't like the way you look before you head out, what makes you think others will..what am i saying do not go out looking like you  trying to hide out from Ebola-saying don't come near me! i'm all covered up. You have the curves, flaunt it ! if you don't well hit the gym and eat healthy.

2.    Please you do not need to chew and talk, whatever you have to say can wait until your'e don with that mouthful

3.    Avoid the use of vulgar words often..if you must use it: find a replacement; for example rather than Shit" you could say shoot and shut the eff up could be shut the front door or fudge door"lol. come up with whatever makes you feel comfortable till it finally leaves you.
4.    A classy day makes calls after 9 am and before 11pm. okay dont laugh and say this is silly, its true and i believe in it.  A wise man once said "nothing good happens after midnight" and its true in some cases...notice how calls which comes in and goes out after that time doesn't make any sense .But please o' if you have clients from US, Australia and china that have different time sure to call or answer.
5.    Be Thankful : There is nothing more annoying and distasteful as an ungrateful lady who doesn't say thank you, even for the littlest acts. I have seen people who are offered stuff out of the other party's generosity and they be forming like they were entitled to it in the first place. (Na wa o). Ladies it's okay to always want your stand and be your boss and know what you want, but having a heart of gratitude and just saying thanks..can go a long way to save your life.
6.    Be Gracious and confident darling; show respect to others..never stop using the words please and I'm sorry. Never shy away from making intelligent conversations when you have the opportunity, but if you dont have anything to say. just shut up and don't go about blabbing or saying uhhmm's and ehhmm's.

7.    Listen and pay attention : a classy lady gives her full attention to whatever occasion , meetings, gatherings, or even during a date irrespective of how its turning out.. she puts her phone on silence and focuses on whats in front of her.
8.    She is considerate and generous towards others; does not think highly of herself or what she has achieved over the years.
  Most important, a classy lady knows her worth as a lady, she isn't thrown apart by inferiority complex or by what people say of her. She knows her roots in God and she is fully focused on what God says of her..he says She is classy and beautiful, he says she is smart, powerful and she can achieve whatever she sets her mind to with dedication,  hard work, commitment and trusting in God.

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