What happens when Nigeria gets it Right; INDEPENDENCE

A country is basically a land with a government that actually works over it in service, a country is therefore not a race, a tribe, a religion or a gender, and it’s an agreement, a pact or better still a bargain. Every county has its challenges, the ones who later have a voice and become the ones having an enviable system are the ones who have dealt with their challenges so skilfully that generations after them still depend on history as the same challenges re-surfaces in their generation, maybe just adding a few new variables but not changing it entirely because it works as it did in the time of their fathers. But there is a challenge unique to the continent of Africa that could be resolved even right now, if and only if Nigeria gets it right.

This one challenge transcends every country established and independent of their founding fathers before them and that is the challenge of TRIBE. For decades the well-meaning African men and women have thought that a separation to tribes would actually make their situations better, just like the white Americans thought that the Black Americans were better off not being citizens of their country or worse not being humans, so also the Germans thought the Jews deserved to be totally alienated from the world for it to be a better place. Believe it or not there are some who still hold those opinions, but now they are arrested because there is a system that works and the government many years after is sticking to it withstanding any contradicting opinions; this is a country.

A country is not a perfect entity, it’s a system that should always be growing, searching and testing for a suitable match, until it finds one that works. So tribe is our own lot, as Race was for the Americans and Europeans, Gender equality is for the Arabs.So what happens if Nigeria gets it right? Africa responds in an usual manner. Nigeria being the largest coalition of tribes in all of Africa has still not understood the reason tribal wars, military coups and religious wars still dominate the debate in Africa; this is because those subjects still dominate the debate in Nigeria, only recently it began to change to corruption. This is the bottom-line Nigeria is still at the point where people who belong to the tribe of the vice-president congratulate themselves and even publicly ridicule the other tribes for not being a success; no wonder we are still 3rd world. Tribe in a country that works has to exist for more than encouraging an entitlement mentality.

Nigeria needs to get over herself, breaking off leads to more breaking, what makes you think what you could not achieve when you were united, you could achieve when divided? You think it’s after division that the top notch tech industries, E and P Companies and manufacturing companies would finally arise, solving the problem of un-employment? Or you think speaking the same language makes a person a better servant or leader to you? And why doesn’t the monthly meetings the Igbo tribe have in cities include every Igbo state, just individual villages and at best just one particular Igbo state? If you want to begin to break this country, you won’t stop until you reach just a family, and in some families because of the polygamous nature, it goes as far as just a mother and her kids. What is therefore the point? Why waste all that valuable time? God is tired of endorsing new countries because he has lived too long to see that that is actually not what makes them successful.

Here's what we should do: let’s get together, let the engineers work without having to note their state of origin at the gates, let the medical practitioners practice without fear of being in the wrong state, let artisans, students, youths, children express their geniuses without having to join some dumb pre-existing fight for tribe supremacy before being appreciated. Maybe as we lay this block that says “Nigeria is bigger than any Nigerian” Nigeria can finally get it Right. . If we fail as a country, we would all be walking from here to Ghana to beg for bread and kinky, only that there we would not care if oil was actually found Oloibiri or Chad Basin, we would say “oil was once in abundance in Nigeria”