I am usually not in a conversation where the story and moral lesson is not told by me, crudely, I have had people come to me in the midst of so much going on and say “please tell me a story” most happen to be grown folks like you and me. But this week I found myself in the attendance of one who is well experienced and smart, he is a man who has visited almost every continent, as such many stories were told but one not too old I recollect because this tale had a puzzle quite interesting I kept thinking even after its ending.

It began thus; once upon a time I traveled with a certain professor through a bushy area and an uneven path. It was a rainy evening on our way to the hotel in which we lodged, so we drove as carefully as we could but at a certain point we got stuck, I came out and realised we weren’t actually stuck in-between rocks but we were just in a liquid beside a lake and it had just finished raining. So I suggested, he turned his tires to the left towards the lake and moved backward, and by my calculations we would be out of the ditch, but instead I saw him turning the car to the right and moving forward.

I wasn’t too happy so I went to the professor in the drivers sit to register my offense as he wasn’t listening to me properly, and I was the one standing in the ditch. So he looked over to me and said “since you know what to do, please take the wheel” I gladly obliged, and so I turned the car to the left but it turned to the right, a little confused I then turned it to the right and the car fell into the lake.  We went into the neighboring village for help and the car was pulled out of the lake and we were on our way. At the hotel he asked me “what did you learn Mr?” and I said “you never really know what is not working till you are on the drivers sit”

Well for me it goes beyond ones ability to sit on the drivers sit because facing the fact many would need two lifetimes to be able to sit on the drivers sit of even their houses talk more of a country. It speaks of the importance of villagers and bystanders, but while I would like to extrapolate on this to modern day significance, this narrative points us to something beyond the obvious which is Order, and if she was a person she would look like what we already have, but with much more clarity.  Then we realise that a solution is an order away. So the question is, what do you know you have in that situation and country and how can you "order" it to get the best from it?