Half of a Yellow Year; it’s June.

Man created the machine: 200 years from now that statement would actually become so hard to believe even though so easy to prove. This is because the machine humans created have slowly but steadily re-created men based on the parameters passed down over time. Take for instance the game of soccer in the year 2010, Lionel Messi won the world best player despite the excellent performances clear to all and sundry of the Netherlands and former Inter Millan player; Wesley Sneijder. Simply put even if the sky falls literarily in some part of Europe and America and some soccer matches could not be played before the award ceremony, the winner would still be Lionel Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo why basically because a computer says so, then the weak willed captains and coaches that wanted to stay in business sustained, I mean who wouldn’t want to be on the winning side for once? Since then, been a professional soccer player aiming for the big award has been a big fat joke for any other player outside them.

Now, humanities deepest estimation of themselves have been driven by stats and facts concluded through algorithms passed through a machine of some sort, because in this process the margin for error is at lowest figure. So, like the game of soccer, this movie is fast becoming one long boring love story, because every script ends with a Cristiano or a Lionel giving a winning speech despite what anyone does, plays or sacrifices; too predictable. Predictability is the result of machinery. But, whether you like it or yes, you are more than a machine. You are definitely more than 0’s and 1’s you are like 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8……. You probably have the capacity to get to 100000 or more.

Its half time, its June. In your definition from this year you might not have done pretty much but hey you are not a failure yet why? You are still alive. As long as you are reading this, you have still got what no machine in this world would ever have in a 1000 years; breath. This means despite your estimations and your reasons to doubt that no good can come out of you, life still believes in you and if only you can believe in yourself again you might discover why life has done so all this time? And to you, whom in your estimation has done pretty much, well, you not done yet why? It’s only half time, it’s June.