As a kid the part of class I loved the most was the riddles and story-time, this is because it was the part of class where the teacher was actually just a supervisor while we the students became teachers and storytellers. Her name was Aladi she stood up and said I have a riddle… “I can hold mangoes but cannot hold oil, I can hold oranges but cannot hold water” with this she waited as she bit her lip to the side. This riddle seemed to be known by no one, as the whole class went as a graveyard, we waited for her to just get the cue and step back in to our rescue.  The teacher snapped at us, as he looked over to me and said “who does she represent?” I looked up like to say they are 30 of us in this class but then said “aside from a pretty girl?” “Yes” responded the teacher with a little smirk on his face, like to say I would see you after class, “well…” as I stammered Walë my sit partner just jumped in “I know it… I know it... the answer is a basket” a little angered I said “I was going to say Nigeria”

Whatever was built by a man must be maintained not once, not twice, but throughout its existence. There is no point building if you don’t have a clear maintenance strategy, which begins with raising the funds and ends with actually executing the maintenance when needed not when wanted. More or less like having a car insurance plan, you pay every year with or without the occurrence of an accident. The Eiffel tower was built in 1887, the Statue of liberty was assembled in 1886, and the Buckingham palace was built in 1703, what do all these structures have in common? They are still in existence and can compete with the very best of those built 200 to 300 years after them.

Maintenance is a part of whatever would go somewhere worthwhile. At some point in this life you have to realise that even your waste is not actually just disappearing from the earth because you wrapped it in a waste bag and put it outside your house for a truck to take it away or not. In fact, knowingly or not since your stay on earth you have re-used up to forty percent (40%) of whatever you called waste, the only difference is that it was repackaged and sold to you at a higher price, the other forty percent has been other people's waste; eventually only twenty percent (20%) of what you trash is actually waste. So if you know this why would you just let things be disposed quickly in your world without a full actualisation of what they could have been?

Therefore maintenance must be very difficult since we know that they have been professors, PhD holders, and a sea of Master’s degree holders among the revenue execution committee for the past 16 years of independence in Nigeria heading on 17. Since for years Nigeria has had faded paintings even in federal ministries, broken elevators, damaged lightening, data that are still not upgraded and digitized but still in files, bad roads, destroyed leisure parks, polluted lakes. It’s so difficult I could only compare it to rocket science, and like this course (rocket science) only the 1st world countries schools and students should do it because they are the only ones interested in knowing a safer way to the galaxies as we are okay down here.

Is a new road what we need? new bridges, new airport, a new dam, new gas pipelines, a new refinery, new universities, new lecturers, new professors, new students, new courses, new campuses, new states, new local government, new IDP camps, new currency, new ministers, new political parties, new legislators, a new vice president and a new president? Maybe all we need is just a new law, that a lack of maintenance is a new crime, because if you can’t maintain what you have now, what would you do with the new? You waste and the world doesn’t need any more of those, because maintenance is not always about replacing the old. It's therefore quite saddening that a country that lacks so much, waste so much. Maintenance is not rocket-science, if it is to you, you are doing something else or simply not doing it at all.