If I was to rate GLO Network

So, my mobile device was misplaced/stolen-In simple terms I still don't know today what happened to it, I guess it’s okay to say it disappeared under my care something that rarely happens to any item on me. I therefore needed to visit a GLO office for a welcome back i.e. getting a new sim card which through their system nullifies the old. Luckily for me I knew one to be located along the popular Aminu Kano Crescent, Wuse 2, where some popular local and international brands are positioned in the city of Abuja. But I had only driven passed it on so many occasions, therefore it left no lasting impressions on me until this day, neither could I rate it's standards nor predict what to expect.

As I strolled passed the contract staff before the GLO building I was impressed with how they all respected each other’s boundaries. With the brand shirt been worn by virtually all of them I was quite captivated at the marketing nature of the firm at this stage. The security man at the gate accorded me a good courtesy and showed a clear path to get into the office building, as I got in another showed me who to go to for the cause in which I came; the welcome back.

Then it started, the lady looked up to me and repeated what she has probably had to repeat a hundred times because that was her job and she was trying very hard to look good at it. She said “you have to go to the building beside this one and photocopy your ID cards” a little amazed I asked “excuse me?” and she saught to therefore repeat herself not fully understanding what I was actually asking with an attitude was “GLO doesn’t have a photocopy machine?!!!! And you guys have brand ambassadors like the iconic Basketmouth?”

It took me a hundred and sixty paces to get to this building beside GLOBACOM as described by the lady. As I did I discovered it was an uncompleted one, which took me back to 09’ being a student of the Enugu State University and being told it doesn’t matter if you passed the WAEC or JAMB, it doesn’t even matter if you’ve paid your school fees, your chemistry 101 would be done in that uncompleted building around that bushy area with a tutor that is also a student like you, so don’t forget to go with your 100 Naira per class fee. I remember looking up to the heavens and asking God sincerely “what kind of university is this?” But before you answer that Jesus please tell me “what did I do wrong to even be standing here?”

Away from my flashback a stray construction worker pointed to this little sign on a wall that said “print here” entering through the dusty doors I saw a little guy, taking a nap. As I approached him, being the only other person in the large uncompleted dusty room he got up and headed for the machine without paying any attention to me. With a dizzy voice he said “photocopy na fifty naira” once again amazed at this price hike from ten or twenty naira, I asked “excuse me!?” he responded “per page”

A hundred and sixty paces back I got sent to an agent, who after examining my request gave me a sim card and told me the cost was a thousand and hundred naira. At this point I was obviously tired of saying “Excuse me” so I just simply gave a smile and obliged. And then I realised as a marketing strategy the actual cost of the welcome back was a hundred naira while the cost of a forced credit was a thousand. At this point if I was to rate GLO network and its services, what do you think I would write?!