There is a growing list of questionable events that have taken place under your watch since you marked your one year anniversary. As the law demands, you are definitely going to do your four years; as I see the claims to your impeachment as one been spoken from the minds of them that are partisan and at best just naïve. They therefore are intangible and would not come to fruition, in short you are going to be president for another three years whether the skies fall or not. I would try to keep it short, as I know you all are very busy people. It’s simple, the problem is one; Communication.

The first drilling rig for oil wells on this earth was used only about two centuries ago starting another era of drilling, since then there has been great progress. Not long ago horizontal drilling for unconventional oil and gas reserves was made an economic possibility, why? Because the first drillers were careful enough to document every detail of their progress and from that moment every generation was an improvement on the former, very little was left to speculation. Oil business now seems like a viable resource that has been in existence for such a long period, but it’s only because the first leaders were careful to communicate their steps as they drilled.

I am well aware that you have an entourage of media personalities at your disposal in which you added some young dynamic representatives to head your new media campaign. But you see it’s not enough, it’s not even close; it’s just like a needle in a haystack. That is why this is not addressed to the president alone but to the presidency. It’s important to communicate appropriately not just for the transfer of information but for the transfer of morals, the transfer of conduct and the transfer of the basics for improvement. It’s also important to give the right foundation for arguments.

We all know Nigeria was left to bleed and when someone is bleeding you can lie around the person and sing him a lullaby till the person bleeds to death or you could go for aid from within and from without to stop that bleeding and restore the individual. But the thing is, you have to say it if not the person might think you are just running away and lose hope; you must continue to say it. It’s very clear that the communication from your office to the public is not at its best, sometimes the best we get is a reaction to a speculation. Take for instance your trip to china, the media houses called it a loan, even the House Leader of Nigeria's 8th House of Representatives concurred, but your media adviser later called it an investment worth more than the speculated $2.1billion, after everyone was done talking but one thing is sure there was a lot of speculations, in fact it was the highlight of every media outlet in the country, because nobody knew what went on, so they could not adequately analyze what and how you were thinking.

Communication has to be made a priority. Beginning with, people not only need to hear you on time they need to understand what you are saying, before Mr Fayose tries to explain it to them. A media chat with the president once in a while cannot cut it, you need to bring in the stakeholders, and you need to involve them in your travels, let’s hear you answer a few questions from them. Let us hear what the president is doing from the presidency first and not from Linda Ikeji’s blog or Sahara Reporters; or at least get a representative of everyone there-Channels TV, NTA, AIT and the rest. It’s in your best interest to talk to everyone, every day and not by only social media/new media but by what is accessible to all; TV/Radio. So we all can contribute and at least learn to live in this era of change. If you communicate your plans, and reduce the secrets, some things would die a natural death in this country, since we have all heard it from your office; how then could a political, traditional or religious office holder do otherwise?

People want to see you in front of the TV giving a media briefing on how it saddens you that innocent people were killed in Agatu, they want you to speak about how you understand their pains of the queues and how you are working everything possible to get fuel to them as before. We also want you to speak about the current frequent power outages; the effect of vandals. People want you to speak on what might be little to you but big to them. People don’t want the next time they see you  speaking to them, to be during a national celebration or mourning or when a distinguished visitor passes through the presidency. The presidency needs a TV broadcast avenue that can speak to Nigerians at any time on any day of the week from wherever he/she is, to carry them along on this journey. In this place nothing is too small to talk about but we know somethings are too big to talk about, but nothing is too small. Let’s talk, just a honest brief talk; let’s keep talking.