When one politician speaks about change and another speaks about common-sense, one is bound to be suspicious. For years, many young Nigerians have wondered if there is still any place or anyone who can just tell us about success without any hidden agenda. A place where a spade is called a spade and not a spoon, a place where the course of the future is discussed in the presence of the leaders of that future not just the ones for today. One day someone introduced them to one- The Platform.

Thanks to the vision of Pastor Poju Oyemade of the Covenant Christian Centre, successful men and women from across this country and beyond gather in one venue to discuss pragmatic and practical ways in which success as an individual and as a country can be accomplished. That is if these successful people manage to put down their political ambitions for the sake of something noble, like helping the leaders of tomorrow. This is a place where the speakers aren’t afraid of speaking their minds, a place where networking is possible and socialising is also achievable for like minds.

I have met a lot of people who “know” so they deliberately refuse to “Learn” or “Re-Learn” as we currently reside in the generation of so much spread but very little depth, jack of all trades and masters of none; these guys are everywhere. As articulate as they speak and classy as they look, the end of their whole acts still turns out to be average. So even if they never intended to be average all they can produce is thus; Average.

Here is a meeting of people who have made a difference in their world over a period, a place where excellence meets perfection in spite of religious and ethnic background, determined to discuss how to tap into this country's dead capital as an alternative to Oil. A place where being average is not an option and interestingly, admission is free (like you don't have to pay a kobo, you just need to Register and show up at ICC).

Well, this weekend the entire team of bystanders would be on the Platform because we don’t get better in isolation we get better via association. Join us there. 
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