Frank likes Enne, in fact I think he does more than like her because since his parents death when he was still little, he has had very little to live for until he met her. Frank always tells his neighbours, “She makes me look good” but his neighbours also held the opinion that Frank thought very little of himself so the slightest sign of approval from a girl he really liked blows him away…. Frank’s low impression of himself is understandable; moving from one busy uncle to another he practically raised himself. With no adult approval, the hardest thing to teach himself was self-appreciation.


On his way to work the other day frank discovered a newly commissioned mall overlooking a beautiful lake which is a major tourist attraction to the city. He was poised to stop to take a look even though work was still on going at the location. It was an amazing project which made very good use of depth instead of height, a very well organised parking space, well equipped security details, several shop spaces; some already taken and others with great potential-the malls cinema in particular. He went out back and discovered a very wide open space with different lounges. He thought to himself I’m bringing her here”. He was inspired!

His entire love life was based on lessons learnt from blockbuster movies and Tv-series since he had no friends and avoided religious gatherings. One thing the movies and Tv-series all agreed on was what every girl wanted ultimately was a commitment in a form of a diamond ring on her finger which he could afford. He looked up proposal ideas, picked out a gorgeous ring, his choice of location was in his opinion second to none-perfect is the word! Every item on his check list ticked, he purposely ignored the need to ensure the girl was actually in love with him “she has to be” he concluded.
The day came and she was ignorant but excited. Dates and trips (local and international) happened often, so of course she didn’t tag this a special event.  He was always in the habit of spending the bulk of what he made on her, though she prides herself as one that is really not demanding. She had made up her mind not to bring her friends along in order not to increase the expenses, also to only ask  for three things (no matter how expensive) and finally receive any other thing he decides to give her (this part is actually so she doesn’t look rude). She was excited as it stands for the first time they would be visiting the newly opened mall that she always heard about, but as she looked over she saw that he was nervous and wondered why? She started becoming edgy too.

Two musicians approached their table one holding a guitar as he looked away and she stared at them wondering what was happening. They began to sing “when a man loves a woman” on the other side a waiter approached with a tray covered with some of her favourite coloured cakes. Next to them laid a box, as she returned her gaze to Frank she found he was on one knee. “I just want to say, that since I met you……” cutting him half way she screamed “NO!!!!!!!” looking a lot confused he managed to say “but I was just beginning… please stop singing” indicating to the musicians. Looking a bit relaxed Enne looked over with a rather sarcastic smile “No, I won’t marry you… God No! I can’t marry you!”. “Let me ask you this, do you think you can stay forever in a relationship with you? Then why would you want me to?” and so she stomped out.

Time passed as the few audience dispersed but frank was still on his kneels like he was in a trance with his head bent downwards pondering on those words but most importantly the questions. Finally he whispered to himself “No, I can’t stay forever with me, so what’s the point living another day” He stood up looked around saw that no one was around anymore or so he thought. He decided what to do, he’d go for a swim even though he didn’t know how, a decision indirectly suggested by the creators of JABI LAKE MALL who have not thought it important enough to put a rail dividing the land from the lake for humans and animals. Frank went for a swim in a lake where many who knew how to swim have died.

The struggle for air as he proceeded down the lake gradually immediately made him change his mind about learning how to swim figuratively, or in simple terms dying this way; dying at all. But just as he thought it was too late he saw a being come into the scene with only an underwear on, after a firm grip and a lot of struggle they both made it to the top. He noticed it was a female, but as he tried to turn on his hips to thank her, she immediately jumped on him “hey am Lisa” she smiled as she sat on him as to say please don’t move before you try to kill yourself again. “I took a rather expensive course on deep water rescue techniques last year” she paused to catch some breath “I never used that certificate until now, and yes she broke up with you…” Frank interrupted “you saw that? You know I wanted it to be perfect I even googled the tips… I really loved…”  “No you didn’t” with a rather firm interruption from Lisa “How can you Love someone when you don’t know how to love yourself, anyway next time you want to propose to someone go to a place with good safety precautions or wait until the mall does”

Jabi Lake Mall is a place surrounded by several feet of water; it should have more than just rocks to keep a stray dog, a lost child that is just being adventurous like he’s seen from his many adventurous cartoons and finally a suicidal adult away, like a safety rail. Secondly, the management needs to engage the security details much better, starting with providing them with amenities as little as chairs so they don’t end up standing for hours at a stretch, that is inhumane! At the time of my visit many of them were literally looking to the floor to sit, but couldn’t because if they did anything but stand they would be fired. Let me leave it here.