Oil was discovered in Dubai six years after Nigerians independence, four years later the project to make Dubai the city where tourist from all around the world would want to go to before they kicked the bucket and a place where millionaires mingle freely, begun. When this project began the world could not accurately argue it was a global village even though the term had already been coined by the Canadian-born Marshall Mcluhan, there was no Facebook, twitter, Instagram, Google, Wikipedia, Skype, etc. and how can you be a global village without these families? Did the Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum know that, one day a calculator, camera, notepad and gossip blogs could fit inside a pocket, or buildings could be related with apps and you can see someone millions of miles away from the comfort of any location? No he didn’t. Decades down the line without Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Sergey Brim, Jimmy Wales and him meeting up for a cup of coffee, Dubai became what mere men wished it to be. How? Everybody Focused on their Focus. For Dubai as clearly put by Daniel Brook in his book a history of Future Cities “Dubai would be an island of stability in a wealthy but volatile region” for Steve Jobs and the others; it’s too long, Google it. To build a country, you would need a budget. So where is the Nigeria’s Budget for 2016?

The appropriate question is where has the other budget gone to? From the report given to the National Assembly by the Auditor general of the federation this week it’s not gone as far as we thought the past years with all the fancy Abuja roads constructed and all. We still don’t know where N3.2 Trillion generated by the NNPC went to, nor the $2.3 million for building of a school in Haiti in 2010 or even the N2 Billion that the Nigerian prisons generated. And we still asking ourselves how N2.8 Billion can be budgeted for hand sanitizers in public schools and what the office of the National Security Adviser had to do with the creation and rehabilitation of Dams which cost the office of the NSA N36 Billion. Do you know what one dam rehabilitated or created would have done for Nigerian power generation? I mean do you know what one million Naira can do for your life currently? How much more a billion?

When the 8th Senate was instituted they promised to be different to do things much differently from the first to seventh, they were quite very insistent on this point, not like some of them were not part of those other senate houses, but they were very particular on this. So they did their investigation differently, and found loopholes, ghost workers and the rest. But in so doing they have delayed the passing of the budget. The effect of the Nigerian time that made majority of the senators be at a wrong location at the time their leader was been appointed is at work again. So here we believe it’s not enough to work it, time has to be made a major priority because it’s actually a priority, that’s why up till now science has not shown how to add another hour to the twenty-four hours put there, talk more of a week. Work through the night for all we care but don’t put the whole country on hold because of the jobs you were all elected to do. Then you can be different. So we ask again where is the Nigerian Budget?

By the way am just a Bystander.