Please give me three minutes of your time. So it began with I, or so I thought, but I remember I was placed on earth by One, and that One gave me my space, by shutting himself from earth legally. But He visited, and when he did we played, laughed and even danced together, He left me with instructions on how to take care of my new possession; the earth, for who could instruct me better than the One who created it, the instructions never failed, it was always on point, but He refused to mention that an enemy was on the loose, an enemy that hated me and despised me for been given the keys of earth by Him, when I did nothing spectacular apart from name all the animals on the earth.

One day this enemy came to me and he told me “wouldn’t you like to be more like the One? Your friendship would be better you know, you’d be able to contribute more to Him, maybe even suggest how He could take care of where He stayed up the skies” little did I know I was already created that way, but it would take some time to know how to bless the One in return, so with a good intention I disobeyed one of the One’s instruction, little did I know that this act alone took the Key of the earth and passed it to the enemy who suggested, for he was the leader of the disobedient. I had never seen the One this upset before, heck I have never felt this feeling of disgrace before. Today I saw another side of Him that is as good of a friend He was, He was also that good a Judge. For I was sent out. On my way He stopped me and said, it’s not over I will be back for you, I will be back for the key.

Please give me two more minutes of your time. So I went out of His environment, and within days I started having these very weird feelings like hate, un-forgiveness, greed, envy, lust, loneliness, murder, suicide, sickness and hunger. But one day he visited me, I begged him to stay but he said No, he couldn’t stay, but he was here to help me. He told me my problem was S-I-N, I asked him what I can do. He said the only way out of it was to be washed clean with blood, and since killing a human is out of the question I needed to start using animals, until  he returns again. So I did, but this S-I-N would leave for a while but then come back again, as though I was actually a slave of it; which in actual fact I was, because the blood of animals wasn’t sufficient to pay the price. He didn’t return, I waited and waited, but He didn’t show up. I cried to him “please don’t forget me, I can’t keep living like this!” but I got no response.

One day something happened, a girl gave birth. I knew this girl when she was younger, she was from the country of Israel, her name was Mary and she was deeply in love with a carpenter by the name Joseph. They were set to be married soon. “So why couldn’t you wait a few more months?” I asked Joseph and he said a stranger came to them and told them his virgin girlfriend was going to be found with a child, this is the child. And we were to call him Jesus the Christ. I didn’t understand, until the ENEMY met me in a hurry and asked “how did I miss Him, how did I miss His entrance?” I killed all the first sons of Israel in Egypt thinking He was there. I answered “well I don’t know, but I think maybe because the plan was to save not only Israel but the whole of MANKIND including Egypt”

Please give me one last minute of your time. Three decades later He; The Christ, hadn’t done anything but grow. He was a fine young man that made a lot of young virgins lose their minds as he built them a chair, those girls always seemed to have a broken furniture. But then one day after these decades, when I was almost giving up, things began to happen so fast - He stayed without food and water for about forty days, after which the ENEMY went to Him and gave Him an exam which He passed in flying colours and shortly after I heard the clear voice of the ONE recommending him as a Lamb for the slaughter. This confused me and the ENEMY so much, because we didn’t know how a full grown human being could be a lamb.

Three years later, the enemy couldn’t stand Him any longer, for He was helping me too much. So He planned for His execution, and once again since I was his (enemy) slave he used me. I beat Him until He bled at my masters command, I hit with an intent to break His bones, but His bones just refused to break. I put a crown of sharp thorns on His head which pierced deep into His skin, I created a cross for Him made of wood and gave Him to carry several meters up a hill and I insulted Him as he did. He was tired, he was weak, He had lost so much blood, He was in pain but He did not STOP. So I nailed him to the cross, and before he died He said "come closer" and as I did, with tears in his eyes He said “your price for S-I-N has been paid; it is finished” I didn’t understand this until after THREE days the man who was dead walked among the living and He walked with the Key which I lost. Including a show of the treasures the enemy had stolen from me all these years. I looked again and I saw the enemy was again under me, for the force of the THIRD has restored me to Royalty, the Earth and everything in it now belongs to I as it was in the beginning.

Then I realised the One was He who came to die for my S-I-N, for by only His blood could the price be paid in full. So the one who had never SINNED became S-I-N so I could be restored.