While the days were speeding so fast, I was only sure of one thing and that was Sophie is spending the remaining nine months at the state secretariat (The Ministry of Commerce and Industry). I held the posting letter in my hands and all it brought were some mixed feelings; happiness, sadness, anger, pity all wrapped in my little head.  
Little head, big spin

Should I be happy or sad?  Is there anything worse asides from this; the fact that the ministry does not pay its Corp members. I couldn't expect anything less from a state/ministry that hasn't paid its civil servants for five months.  Really?  How do they even survive?  What do they live off from?  Their kids... in general how do they manage? I admire them, their dedication, commitment, loyalty and yet they don’t get paid on time; The Civil servants.  It makes me understand when they protest that is if they do.

when they do protest?

Well, getting a house close to a PPA is a major priority for every Corper, but I never imagined it to be this difficult.  From the exorbitant and outrageous prices which I figured came from the fact that we were youth corpers. Rather than being considerate and reasonable, they ‘prefer to double the prices because we were new and desperate “the Otondo” effect. #smile#
Its not funny
Knowing how some states offered accommodation to those who relocated, I expected the ministry to do something similar for us even if we didn't get paid at the end of the month but they leave you to your faith without any incline and care in the world as to where you sleep at night and they will still expect you to come to work every day; in the Morning *sighs*. There have been stories of people who could not afford these houses and had to result to immoral activities just so they can survive and not sleep on the streets. 

on the streets!!!
My search was still on yes, the house hunt.  But thankfully I didn't have to search for long as I found a couple of youth corps members whom I had met on few occasions looking for someone to complete the number of an apartment... And since we were four, splitting the money was a little easy, and this we did. 
Obasanjo's Lodge, thats not where we staying ooh

Moving forward, work had been going well, with a little drama here and there.  More like horrible bosses versus corps members.  But today I was looking out for something different... I decided to visit the Abeokuta cultural center located around Kuto Park of Abeokuta, Ogun state; as I am still a tourist in this town. 

I was shocked and thrown off as to how deserted this place was when it could have been filled with people (parents, kids, teenagers, and window shoppers).  The cultural center as the name implies holds some of the historical and great physical features of the Ogun /Nigerian culture. It has a lake which we heard once held the largest crocodile in the country, can u beat that? Who wouldn't want to come see these?  
Resort Center

But what I saw were paintings of great leaders that has been washed and peeled apart, beautiful damaged sculptures of famous women, lights which helped to illuminate these carvings and art works have been damaged from rain because of the roof which protected them are torn apart. This cultural center reminds me of the post "Jabi Lake” located in Abuja.  I believe this center has the ability to create millions of revenue for the government and country, with just a few helping hands.  It's amazing how I see the government holding conferences and meetings in this same center (the hall to be precise) but then turn their eyes away from what's outside.  
Fading Sculptures

If the staff of the ministry of culture and tourism can't be relieved of their duties which I see are not being done, then it's a call to the youth and the staff to wake up and fix that place up. We've seen enough of the road projects... We also want to see a change in the cultural center.  
Crown of Cultural Center

I'm only but a bystander. Though still a Youth Corper hoping for a better Nigeria, which I believe is my first service to humanity and to this Nation.