What am I thinking?

Nigeria is my country, and as funny as it might sound in this my country people put the ingredient for Beans and expect Rice. The funny thing is, many have over the years gotten the Rice by means as complicated as a Beans ingredient turning into a plate of Rice in a pot sounds. So it soon became a norm until the day they had diabetes and then they blamed the government, and of course because they are the victims, the world listens to them. The difference between Nigeria and many developed countries is not the expectation but the fact that the plate of Beans doesn’t turn into rice most of the time and for this they are called Developed. 
Corruption is the Magic

The unfortunate happenings in the country over the past weeks or more highlights the illness that right polices would have prevented some five to ten years ago; five to ten months ago; five to ten hours to the events. The questions therefore are, what were the federal government, state’s government, local government even traditional rulers making as rules that could be so ineffective that it led to the deaths of many indigenes of Benue state and livelihood of the Fulani’s. what sort of polices have been made in this country that can enable a fellow human being to comfortably raise his hands to kill another for whatever reason and also for an individual to raise his hands to destroy another’s source of livelihood. 
RIP to those lost in Agatu

How is it that a teenage girl can travel from one state to another state, and no one noticed or cared to ask or even cared to check? What are the interstate polices being made to curb crimes across borders? Do states know their borders? Ese’s chronicle actually shows why Nigeria isn’t yet great, and that is until I have the means my case means nothing to the police. If not for non-profit organisations like the “Brekete Family in Love FM 104.5” there are some things the police might never look into, some things you and I might never hear they would have been swept under the carpet as quickly as it surfaces. 
Ese's Chronicle

I have seen convoys of whom I believe to be the first class citizens of Nigeria, I thought this men/women were been driven by mad men. How else can you explain the fact of the numerous hit and runs, the hitting of cars along their paths with materials they possess in their hands, the sirens when alone, in a traffic!! And finally the speed? Apparently driving the car with all its glory is more important than doing a job of getting a person from point A to B safely. James Ocholi (SAN) and part of his family were a victim of this unfortunate abnormality and Nigeria is still in mourning, I am still in mourning, because as I hear he was a man of many families. Let’s consider installing a speed limit detector in cars especially those driven by the officials. If possible, install cameras in these cars to enable proper examination and optimisation of this officers to avoid future occurrences. 
RIP James Ocholi (SAN)

Also what audacity does a member of a security agency has that he would open fire on a civilian bus in the hopes of maintaining law and order in Lagos State? Or rather what level of illiteracy is permitted in the Nigerian force these days? If he is the only illiterate one, then who put a gun in his hands? But there is hope for Nigeria, since a question is still the most powerful thing in this world, as every major breakthrough from the light bulb to the Email all began with a question. There is hope.

There is Hope

Am a bystander, these are my thoughts and you can see, it is more questions than answers.