The Naira is not where Nigerians want it; FACT!

The upper class is crying, like really crying, because that summer trip to Dubai is in jeopardy already. For the other class the naira fall is just like losing a soccer match, and nobody likes to loose even the Nigerian slang re-emphasis this as it states with a swag “naija no dey carry last, highest na draw” So as a Nigerian you fall in either of this two categories, well, except for the intercepts of the two categories who sadly have lost their jobs, their wives or their minds because of the fall of the Naira.

Its sprouted criticism of the government in place with barely a year under their belts by some highly ignorant people, discussions from the learned, #BuyNaijaToGrowTheNaira campaigns from a sitting senator which has drawn wide spread criticism for the senator after it was noticed that the printing of his highly anticipated book was done over-the-seas, in his defense, the book was printed before the campaign, but personally, I admire the fact he gave Aero-contractors flight a free adverts on his radio broadcast #commonsence even though his patronizing their flight over-the-seas was done before the campaign, but who cares about his defense? If I were to speak like he does I would say “for the last week or two I have eaten Ishiagu Rice from the farms of Ebonyi State, I am the Bystander and I just want to make COMMONSENCE” I like the fact that Senator Ben Bruce has over the last couple of days given a free advert to entrepreneurs across the Nation.
Senator Ben Bruce

But what is it with us? Where did we get this spirit of living life on the fast tracks as a country? It’s so bad that some of us don’t buy a Nigerian product not because it’s substandard but for the singular opinion that it was produced by a Nigerian like them, the car company is owned by a guy and he is not part of your religion or tribe but then you drive Toyota's, Mercedes and Ford. We have become like a black American who is in need of a doctor but still refuses intensely the touch of a black doctor because he is supposed to be from the hood or ghetto and those guys don’t wear white robes with a thermometer around their necks like those white who went to medical school. When would we stop judging by what it’s supposed to be rather by what it is, when would we?

when would we?

A feedback for many of you that don’t know, is what many of this big companies and countries success stories don’t tell. Nobody started off perfect, but through a feedback from consumers for real, not just consumers in their minds, they keep getting better. So how would they get better when you don’t know their product? The mere idea that a fellow Nigerian is producing disgust you? Your sons, your daughters what kind of education do they stand to gain with no indigenous success stories of manufacturers, producers, businessmen and women. I have just one last question to ask, what is wrong with us? 
what is wrong?

In the spirit of the #BuyNaijaToGrowNaira Campaign, I introduce you to the only doctor I know who is also a Jeweller, as if it’s not time consuming enough to be a medical practitioner Dr Kenechukwu Nwosu has combined bead making to his arsenal and he is good at it. Let his works speak for itself.  

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